Analysts eye BOME, GFOX for growth amid market volatility

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Galaxy Fox (GFOX) and Book of Meme (BOME) have emerged as standout projects in the cryptocurrency market, with BOME experiencing a major surge and GFOX offering considerable ROI to early investors.

Among the latest projects that have entered the market, two have caught the attention of analysts – Galaxy Fox (GFOX) and Book of Meme (BOME). BOME shocked the crypto community by recording a 1,000% surge after its launch. Its market cap has risen past $1 billion before bearish pressure set in. 

Also, GFOX, a new gaming token, has emerged as a leading crypto to invest in, as early investors have gotten an ROI of 450%. Interestingly, many analysts believe that their rally isn’t over yet, and that there’s still far more potential upside left in these tokens.

BOME to recover despite price drop

The emergence of the Solana-based meme coin BOME in March is very instrumental for the market and attracts more people to its services. The asset was somewhat directionally associated with the price fluctuations of an analogous Solana meme coin, Dogwifhat which rose up 1,000% of its value up to the first week.

Hence, many analysts also started throwing their endorsements at it, some even boldly calling it the best meme coin to buy. As a result, BOME jumped to a new all-time high of $0.02805 on March 16th. In addition, its market cap went up to the $1 billion mark, briefly featured in the top hundred cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Binance, the largest global exchange, noticed BOME’s popularity and listed it on March 16th. However, after its remarkable price rise, BOME is under bearish influence and is one of the biggest losers on the best altcoins list.

On the weekly time frame chart, BOME has fallen significantly—more than 25%. However, technicals point to strong upside potential for BOME in the near future, so many investors are hanging on for the long term.

Galaxy presale impresses 

Due to its integration of blockchain gaming, DeFi, staking, meme culture, and NFTs inside a single ecosystem, Galaxy Fox (GFOX) has garnered the greatest attention among cryptocurrency enthusiasts in recent weeks.

The Web3 runner game, which is highly competitive and awards a portion of the prize fund to the top 20% of players each season, is a prominent feature of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem. Since in-game sales and fees support this reward pool, players may expect constant payouts that contribute to the project’s long-term funding.

Galaxy Fox was built to reward its users on a sustainable basis. For example, 2% of all Galaxy Fox Stargate rewards pool transaction fees. This pool is used to reward stakers, encouraging them to HODL the GFOX token.

From the very start of the Galaxy Fox ICO, it has been in high demand among investors, with many considering it the leading crypto to invest in. GFOX has not disappointed either, with its price increasing by 450% to hit $0.00364, making it one of the best-performing ICO presales of the year.

Analysts forecast an incredible 50x jump in the price of GFOX token after its launch. GFOX hence emerges as a good crypto to buy now. According to the ICO tracker, Galaxy Fox is in its final stage, raising over $5.2 million. The presale will end soon as there are only 140 million GFOX left.


BOME and GFOX are expected to go big with huge price spikes. Thus, analysts believe it’s better to accumulate these coins now that they’re underpriced rather than wait for the rally. In addition, the crypto space is gearing up for a possible bull run, which may be triggered by a significant event – the next Bitcoin halving. To learn more about GFOX, visit the Galaxy Fox presale website or join the community.

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