Beyoncé sends 2-year-old Philippines boy flowers after viral video

Most of us wouldn’t dare ask the question, but Tyler Fabregas is a confident 2-year-old boy. “Where’s Beyoncé?” he asked his mother in a viral TikTok video she posted last week from Manila, Philippines.

“Beyoncé’s in her house, baby,” his mother, Bea Fabregas, replied.

“She’s our friend,” Tyler insisted.

The toddler was rewarded with a bouquet of blue and white flowers alongside a stuffed dinosaur toy sent by Beyoncé herself, who watched the video and reached out to the family through her representatives.

“For the record @beyonce and Tyler are now actually, officially friends!” Fabregas captioned an Instagram post on Wednesday. “Through the power of Queen B’s internet (millions of views and likes it’s crazy!) she saw the video and sent over some of her favorite blue flowers, a new animal best friend for Tyler and the sweetest message that our family will now always treasure.”

According to Fabregas, Beyoncé’s note was addressed to “my friend Tyler” and included the message, “I see your halo, Tyler,” a reference to the superstar’s 2008 hit, “Halo.”

The Instagram post included screenshots of an exchange between Fabregas and Beyoncé’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure.

“I am writing to you about the cutest video you posted with the little boy wanting to visit Beyoncé’,” Noel-Schure wrote, according to the post. “Are you his family? She would love to send something to him.”

The original 1-minute TikTok video features a conversation between Tyler and his mother at what appears to be a shopping mall food court. 

In between bites of pizza, Tyler asks, “Can I visit Beyoncé?” and assures his mom, “You know her personally! She’s my friend.” The video ends with Tyler playing with toy animals while “Texas Hold ‘Em,” Beyoncé’s 2024 barrier-breaking country single, plays in the background.

“I mean with the amount of mentions and videos Beyonce gets everyday, it still blows our mind to know time was set aside to send this sweet gift over,” Fabregas wrote, adding, “Tyler maybe too young to remember all this, but i’ll always remind him to dream big and shoot for the stars!! BEYONCE SENT MY BABY FLOWERS!!!!”

Beyoncé has created buzz several times in recent months by sending flowers to various celebrities and collaborators, including Jack White, K. Michelle, Reneé Rapp, Katie Couric, Megan Thee Stallion, Mickey Guyton and others.

—Leo Rocha contributed reporting.

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