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Biden’s phone call to broadcast the Thanksgiving parade broadcast starts with 20 seconds of confusion: ‘Can’t you hear me?

Jill Biden, the first lady of President Biden, called NBC’s Thursday coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. However, the conversation was rocky.

Dylan Dreyer, NBC’s correspondent, greeted President Obama at the start of the segment. However, the two sides struggled to communicate for about 20 seconds.

“Can you hear my voice, Mr. President?” Dreyer asked.

Biden replied, “We’re there.”

Dreyer said, “Oh, I was so concerned this call wouldn’t go through,”

President and the first lady finally made a stronger connection. They were able to talk about their annual Thanksgiving trip to Nantucket in Massachusetts where they met and thanked emergency personnel.

“I want to express my gratitude to the firefighters, police officers, and first responders. After the connection was established, the president stated that they never take a rest.

Jill Biden added, “And God bless our troops for certain,”

“And by the side, we’re going be talking to some troops later in the afternoon, both here and abroad. I hope everyone remembers. They are remembered every day,” Biden said. God bless our troops, for real!

Biden pardoned the North Carolina turkeys “Chocolate”, and “Chip” on Monday. He said that Chip is his favorite flavor of ice cream.

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