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Bitcoin-centric app Strike enters Europe

Strike, a Bitcoin-only app, has expanded support to European customers following massive regional demand and rising cryptocurrency prices. 

On April 24, Strike CEO Jack Mallers shared plans to power Bitcoin (BTC) adoption in Europe by allowing users to buy, sell, and send the leading crypto token across the continent. 

An official announcement said eligible European customers could buy BTC via bank accounts using uncapped Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) deposits. As of this writing, SEPA’s area consists of 36 countries, including all European Union member states, four countries in the European Free Trade Association, and the United Kingdom. 

Mallers also explained that Strike users can withdraw Bitcoin into self-custody or via the Lightning network to any supported wallet. 

Furthermore, the BTC-focused app will enable P2P transfers, allowing customers to engage in cross-border payments denominated in Bitcoin, euros within Europe, U.S. dollars in America, or Tether’s USDT in supported regions.

“Today marks another milestone in our global journey, but our work is far from over. We will continue to enter new markets, support more currencies, add payment methods, expand our services, and iterate on the experience.”

Jack Mallers, Strike CEO

Strike’s Bitcoin expansion spree

Strike’s foray into European markets coincides with heightened interest in BTC and crypto-related services from the region’s populace. As reported earlier this month, the continent is a leader for Google searches regarding BTC technological upgrades and dominates the crypto-banking sector with over 60 banks offering digital asset services. 

However, Europe is only the latest destination for Strike. Last year, the firm moved its global headquarters to El Salvador, where it was looking to tap the Latin American market. The BTC platform also has a presence in the U.S. and across Africa, servicing more than 100 countries worldwide. 

Mallers, a vocal BTC maxi, has said that the cryptocurrency will hit $1 million due to its fundamental design and global hyperinflation. The founder backed up his belief by going all in BTC, supposedly holding zero USD. 

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