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Bitcoin Minetrix presale enters final stage ahead of exchange listing

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The Bitcoin Minetrix presale enters its final stage with an upcoming exchange listing, drawing significant investor interest and anticipation.

The presale for Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – the mining platform that’s got everyone talking – is headed into the home stretch. And with an exchange listing just days away, investors are looking to acquire BTCMTX before the token hits the open market.

Last call for BTCMTX presale

The final curtain is drawing on the presale for Bitcoin Minetrix – a stake-to-mine platform changing how investors earn Bitcoin. With the presale’s Stage 39 pushing towards its climax on Sunday at 12pm UTC, this could be investors’ last chance to stake a claim.

Because two days later, on April 30 at 10am UTC, presale buyers will be able to claim their purchased tokens before BTCMTX’s debut on major exchanges.

The buzz around these exchange listings has been high. As such, miners and investors are flocking to the presale, where BTCMTX tokens are priced at $0.0148.

Raising over $13 million in funding so far, it’s clear the presale has struck a chord with the investment community. And with the soft cap set at just over $15 million, there’s a growing belief that the remaining BTCMTX tokens could sell out soon.

YouTuber ClayBro seems to think so, stating that Bitcoin Minetrix has “huge capital gains potential.” ClayBro’s endorsement was backed up by Cilinix Crypto last month, who discussed whether BTCMTX could rally after launch.

Bitcoin Minetrix debuts stake-to-mine model

Bitcoin Minetrix has investors interested because it aims to bring cloud-based Bitcoin mining to the masses through its stake-to-mine model. Here’s how it works: Users stake their BTCMTX tokens to earn non-tradable mining credits over time.

These credits can be burned to receive legitimate BTC mining power from Bitcoin Minetrix’s rigs, with rewards flowing directly to users’ wallets. The more BTCMTX tokens that are staked, the more mining credits that are earned – it’s that simple.

Moreover, on top of stake-to-mine, Bitcoin Minetrix has a secondary staking protocol that provides estimated annual yields of 53%. For example, an investor could stake 10,000 BTCMTX tokens, and after one year, their token balance would have grown to 15,300.

All in all, with a massive 4 billion token supply and aggressive marketing ongoing, Bitcoin Minetrix’s team is positioning it as the next big player in decentralized mining.

Community rallies around Bitcoin Minetrix

Adding to the hype is that Bitcoin Minetrix has already been thoroughly scrutinized and approved by the blockchain auditor Coinsult. Their seal of approval should help ease any lingering doubts about Bitcoin Minetrix’s legitimacy.

Moreover, Bitcoin Minetrix has amassed a huge following of over 24,000 on Twitter and 14,000 on Telegram. These numbers testify to the growing demand for the platform’s stake-to-mine setup.

The buzz has spread through the crypto community, with Bitcoin Minetrix being featured on top-tier outlets like Cointelegraph and BeInCrypto. When outlets like these feature a project, the world pays attention – and that’s exactly what’s happening with Bitcoin Minetrix.

So, with just days before BTCMTX is listed on exchanges, the clock is ticking for investors to get in on the action. And with the Bitcoin halving piling even more pressure on miners, Bitcoin Minetrix’s features could be coming at the ideal time.

Those looking to learn more about Bitcoin Minetrix can visit the official website at

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