BNB Chain to launch native liquid staking

The BNB Chain ecosystem has announced the addition of native liquid staking to BNB Smart Chain.

The BNB Smart Chain (BSC) team has announced that Liquid Staking Integration (LSDFi) is planned for April to early May. 

LSDFi will become one of the stages of preparation for the final shutdown of the BNB Beacon Chain in June 2024. Moving all functions to the BSC will optimize the network, increase efficiency, and reduce security risks.

Users can accumulate LSDFi rewards daily along with earnings from MEV and participation in other decentralized finance (defi) protocols to allow the BNB Chain ecosystem to expand its validator base through triple voting and rewarding partners for liquid staking.

“MEV allows validators to extract additional value from block production. Additionally, post-fusion restructuring will initially triple the voting power for validators, enhancing their block proposal selection chances.”

BNB Chain team

To standardize MEV solutions, the BNB Chain team introduced proposal BEP-322 for implementing the Proposer Builder Separation (PBS) mechanism on BSC. The standard constructor API allows validators to integrate with multiple tools. The proposal will increase competitiveness and improve the MEV market on the BNB Chain.

According to the previously presented roadmap for 2024, the BNB Chain team will also focus on optimizing state and data storage by implementing the PBSS model and EVM 3.0 among node operators and validators.

The developers will also introduce BNB Greenfield 2.0, which aims to increase network performance, add new features to improve the development experience, and build a more specific data storage and usage infrastructure.

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