Cardano fans celebrate as DeeStream announces significant investment

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Leading decentralized streaming platform DeeStream (DST) sees a surge in interest amid the crypto market’s corrections. Analysts predict a potential 100x growth trajectory, eclipsing the performance of major cryptocurrencies like Cardano (ADA).

Cardano (ADA) is widely touted for its bullish trajectory, as represented by its remarkable growth in March even as the rest of the market faces a correction as of press time.

However, while Cardano might be good value for a 2x or a 5x gain in the next bull cycle, it will outperform low-cap gems with higher price ceilings.

One of the most highly-touted projects that analysts believe could turn in a significant growth is DeeStream. Cardano holders are among the early adopters leveraging early positions in the promising presale gem learn why.

Cardano rallies by 7% in the past 30 days

Cardano, trading at $0.634 as of March 18th, bottomed out at $0.62 in the past 24 hours, with bulls working hard to push the price above $0.70.

However, the approach was rejected, sending prices closer to a break below $0.62. If Cardano fails to hold at that level, token prices can fall to $0.56. If the bulls can push past $0.70 and establish it, then a clear path to $1 may be in play even before the Bitcoin (BTC) halving.

DeeStream presale changing the live streaming game

Streamers, content creators, and users will all understand the problems brought on by using centralized video sharing and streaming services.

All of these stem from one common denominator: centralization. That’s where DeeStream comes in. Known as the “YouTube of Crypto,” DeeStream is introducing the first decentralized streaming platform for sharing, distributing, and streaming content.

DeeStream has quickly become one of the most compelling presale launches of 2024. For the longest time, the industry has been waiting for a robust, intuitive solution like DeeStream offering content creators a variety of money making strategies using the platform’s native DST token.

On the DeeStream platform, creators can maximize their earning potential through various monetization strategies.

In addition to tools for building engagement and expanding their audience, presale investors will receive a revenue share based on their DST token holdings.

Stage 2 of the DeeStream presale launch

As the first decentralized streaming platform on web3, DeeStream will provide enhanced security and transparency, linking content creators and fans worldwide.

The ecosystem includes useful features like swap services and reward programs. Currently, DeeStream is in the second stage of its presale, offering tokens at a perfect entry price of just $0.055.

With over 15,800 users signed up and more than 2,900 investors participating, DeeStream has the potential to become a leading cryptocurrency.

Presale investors will have the chance to earn a portion of the platform’s revenue and receive rewards for completing specific tasks, making DeeStream an appealing investment opportunity.

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