Crypto coins to consider ahead of Bitcoin halving: TRX, SOL, KangaMoon

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As the Bitcoin halving approaches, investors focus on promising cryptocurrencies like TRON, Solana, and the rapidly rising KangaMoon for significant growth opportunities.

As the Bitcoin halving event draws closer, several investors are looking for promising cryptocurrency to invest in April. Three among those worth considering are TRON, Solana, and KangaMoon. While investors are still determining which to pick, these coins offer unique features and promising potential for growth.

KangaMoon (KANG), especially, is gaining attention with its successful presale, aiming for $7 million in presale funding. TRON faces challenges around $0.12, and Solana token recently dropped from $208 to $154. 

KangaMoon to soon reach $6m in funding milestone  

The meme coin niche is getting more popular in the broader crypto market, and KangaMoon is causing a sensation as a new ICO with enticing features. Notably, KangaMoon has exceeded expectations in its presale as it nears the $5.5m presale revenue with projection to cross $6m by month-end. While it is arguably one of the most exciting new memecoin projects, the price of the native KANG token has surged by 290% from $0.005 to $0.0196.

Thanks to its community-focus approach, KangaMoon has now raised well over $5 million while boasting a rapidly-growing community, including over 20k registered members and over 6k token holders merely halfway in the fifth presale phase. 

Particularly, KangaMoon is a new meme coin project that blends social-fi elements, a community-driven approach, and GameFi’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) features. Users can participate in a gaming ecosystem dubbed “Kangaverse” and rack up rewards by engaging in battle contests with other players.

Besides, non-players can also place bets and earn rewards based on the battle outcomes. Winning these competitions allows investors to accumulate valuable assets, including the KANG token itself and other high-value in-game assets that can later be traded on a dedicated marketplace. Given its unique model, analysts think KANG price could surge by 10x when it hits top tier 1 exchanges later in Q2 and disrupt the burgeoning meme coin market.

TRON could reach new highs ahead of Bitcoin halving 

TRON’s market has been shaky lately, with its price struggling to stay above $0.12. Last week, it dropped by nearly 6%, from $0.108 to $0.124, and now it’s testing support at $0.11. The TRON coin started this downward trend a few months ago when its price fell from $0.14.

The coin’s value decreased by about 8% in the past month, trading within a price range of $0.12 and $0.11, and is trying to bounce back to reach new highs above $0.2. On a different note, IntoTheBlock, a company that analyzes crypto data, shared a big milestone for the TRON network: it now has over 100 million addresses with a balance. This development shows that more investors are using TRON, which is a good sign for its future and further price surges.

Solana might retest its monthly high before April ends

In the past month, Solana’s price saw a 10.42% drop in value, going from $208 to around $154. This steep fall could be because investors were worried about the upcoming Bitcoin halving in April. After reaching above $200, the Solana cryptocurrency went back down, showing a downward trend. 

In just one week, Solana’s value went down by more than 15%, trading within a price range of $123.9 and $183.3. If the price keeps going up, it might break through the $170 level, which could start a bigger upward trend. If things go well, Solana token could even go up to $190 or more, and if it keeps going up like this, it might get close to $200 soon.

To learn more about Kangamoon, visit the website or join the Telegram community. 

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