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Dead by Daylight celebrates 8th year with D&D, Project T, Supermassive’s Frank Stone, Castlevania and What the Fog

Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight horror game is celebrating its 8th anniversary today with a bunch of announcements spelling out its 2024 plans.

Montreal-based Behaviour Interactive said it is launching new games for the world of Dead by Daylight, including Project T, Supermassive’s The Casting of Frank Stone, the surprise release of What the Fog as well as a Dungeons & Dragons chapter and a Castlevania chapter for Dead by Daylight. The enormous success of Dead by Daylight, which has more than 60 million players, has enabled the ongoing games-as-a-service operations. Behaviour Interactive has now grown to 1,300 employees.

Behaviour Interactive dropped the announcements during Dead by Daylight’s Eighth Anniversary broadcast showing that another year of cool content is coming. All of this content is starting to sound a bit like a horror metaverse. Behaviour wants to be more transparent with its fans.

Created by Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action horror game of hide and seek, set in a dark fantasy and drawing from all corners of horror, where each match is a different experience. On any given day, up to two million players step into The Fog, whether on PC, console, or mobile. Since its release in 2016, the game has become a place where cult classic horror survives and thrives, having welcomed legends from TV, movies, and video games.

Dungeons & Dragons chapter

dead by daylight
Dungeons & Dragons is coming to Dead by Daylight.

During the broadcast, two of six upcoming chapters for Dead by Daylight were revealed, including the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Chapter and a Castlevania Chapter later in the year.  The long-awaited 2v8 Mode was also detailed.

The good news didn’t end, as fans were also treated to updates on The Casting of Frank Stone and the enigmatic Project T as well as the surprise release of a brand-new game, What the Fog.

Dead by Daylight x Dungeons & Dragons

Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons was announced as the game’s next major chapter. Iconic D&D villain Vecna, known in Dead by Daylight as The Lich, will impose his deadly will as the new Killer, while a Bard, Aestri Yazar is the new Survivor. The new map, Forgotten Ruins, takes players to a mysterious dungeon chock-full of easter eggs for fans.

D&D staples such as getting loot, magical items, and rolling dice will also be woven into the gameplay letting players channel their inner adventurer. Players can try out the new Killer, Survivors, and gameplay features in the Public Test-Build, available now.

Mathieu Cote, head of partnerships at Behaviour Interactive on Dead by Daylight, said in a press briefing he has been playing D&D for 30 years.

“Dungeons & Dragons is finally coming to Dead By Daylight,” Cote said. “We pride ourselves on Dead by Daylight on expanding the definition of what the game can be and pulling from all possible aspects of horror.”

David Richard, senior creative director at Dead by Daylight, said in a press briefing, “Dungeon & Dragons is amazing. It’s it’s such a cool game and universe where players can build whatever they want with their imagination. So there is an incredible space here for a truly sinister Dead by Daylight chapter. So we’re tackling dark fantasy for the first time in our universe. There is no better way to do that than with the iconic ultimate villain Vecna.”

Matt Mercer, voice actor and a well-known Dungeon Master, recorded a message for fans about this excitement for the new role in Dead by Daylight. Players will have a choice of becoming one of two different characters. It will have a new map that will be a dungeon, dubbed Forgotten Ruins, with a big undergound area. There will also be plenty of spells flying back and forth.

“There is a way for horror to welcome magic. And with Vecna it’s perfect. There needs to be visceral necromancy magic, that blood magic, something that makes it truly terrifying. That’s not only for flair and visual effects,” Richard said. “There will be a dice roll of a 20-sided die.”

2V8 Mode

The two-versus-eight player game mode was announced for Dead by Daylight, offering a brand-new gameplay experience that promises to shake up The Entity’s Realm. The widely requested mode will see two Killers face off against eight Survivors on a much larger map.

Matthew Spriggens, design director on Dead by Daylight, said during a press briefing, “We’ve heard our community loud and clear and 2v8 will be introduced into the game by the end of summer. While we’re still working on things that might change as we progress, we’re really excited to talk a little bit today about how this will work. And yes, we consider to be a new mode, not a modifier. A modifier takes a regular trial and tweaks it a bit, but it’s still Dead by Daylight at its core. A game mode, on the other hand, fundamentally changes the way that you play Dead by Daylight.”

“With 2v8, we really wanted to focus on the fun aspect of DbD and make it more of a party mode, in a sense, instead of something ultra-competitive,” Spriggens said. “2v8 will take place on five maps when it launches. All of the maps have been made bigger to accommodate a bigger crowd. We’re also doing away with perks for this game mode. But, instead, we’ll have a class system that focuses on abilities to reinforce teamwork and cooperative play.”

He said creating 2v8 is an iterative process.

“We’ll continue to develop the mode and add to it both in terms of characters and gameplay, largely based on player feedback. When it comes to survivors, once you’ve chosen your character, you’ll be able to select and equip their class. And this will be the power for the match and really help identify to other players what their role is within the team,” he said. “For example, you could pick Claudette, and choose to focus on healing or on objectives or on speed by selecting the appropriate class. Instead of mixing and matching pucks, the intention here is really to encourage specific types of gameplay within the match.”

Killers will work a little differently, he said. Players will have five original killers to choose from and they all behave differently. If you play as the Wraith, you can use a cloaking ability to hide your teammate and coordinate a stealth attack together.

Meanwhile, you’re not alone while playing as the killer, for once. Hooks have been removed to speed up play. Now a killer can just down a survivor and send them to a cage. And this will also teleport the survivors somewhere else on the map. These cages still count as hook states. So that means that after the third cage, the survivor is out of the much.

More information on the 2V8 Game Mode will be revealed in a future livestream this July.

What the Fog, a brand-new game out now

In yet another surprise for fans, a brand-new two-person co-op rogue-lite game from the world of Dead by Daylight called What the Fog was announced and released during the livestream.

Players take on the role of Dwight, Claudette, or Feng Min and work together to survive a hostile world as they run, jump, and shoot their way through an army of deadly monsters and bosses.

The game is available now and the first two million copies can be obtained for free by signing in to or creating a Behaviour account and following the steps shown on the site. What the Fog can also be purchased on Steam for $5.

Castlevania’s Gothic horror comes to The Fog

The final surprise of the show featured a trailer for the upcoming Castlevania chapter. Players were treated to a small glimpse of what they can expect when the long-running gaming franchise swoops in to sink its teeth into Dead by Daylight later this year.

Project T

Project T is a session-based, action-horror shooter in its early stages of development.
Project T is a session-based, action-horror shooter in its early stages of development.

Behaviour Interactive launched its insider program for code-named Project T, a session-based, action-horror shooter in its early stages of development. The team is opening its doors offering the gaming community the opportunity to craft this unique experience alongside them.

In the player-versus-environment cooperative shooter, one to four players can take the role of Trespassers: rough-and-tumble characters who have been whisked away from their realities and trapped within The Entity’s Realm. There, in an ever-changing region called The Backwater, they discover they must work together if they’re to have any chance of survival.

The Trespassers will quickly find out they’re not alone. The Backwater is home to horrific monstrosities known as The Thrall. These terrors come in many forms and have different deadly abilities. Their origins and nature are unclear, but they certainly don’t take kindly to trespassers within their domain. To achieve their objectives, players will have to battle The Thrall with every weapon at their disposal.

Mary Olsen, the studio director for Behaviour’s Midwinter Entertainment, said in a press briefing, “Last year, we gave you a very small glimpse of a PvE project we started working on from the world of Dead by Daylight. [The Trespassers] are rough-and-tumble characters who have been whisked away from their own realities and trapped within the Entity’s realm. They’re in a vast region called The Backwater. They quickly realized that despite their reluctance, they’re going to have to work together if they have any chance of survival.”

She said The Backwater is home to horrific monstrosities, who are known as The Thrall, and they come in many years. Players will need to use taslimans and every weapon they have to navigate the realm and fight off The Thrall. She said the game is early in development but players will get more regular updates now. Players will get a chance to provide their feedback as they participate in closed tests.

“With Project T, we are taking that idea to the next level,” she said. “We’re not just making this game for our community. We are making it with them as well.”

Players excited about this brand-new take on the Dead by Daylight world won’t have long to wait for more development news and they can sign up for the program here.

The Casting of Frank Stone

Supermassive Games is making The Casting of Frank Stone.
Supermassive Games is making The Casting of Frank Stone in the world of Dead by Daylight.

Behaviour Interactive also announced a new trailer for The Casting of Frank Stone, a new collaboration with Supermassive Games, the creator of realistic choice-based horror games like Until Dawn.

The Casting of Frank Stone is a single-player cinematic nightmare revolving around four friends who, while shooting a movie, unlock horrors beyond comprehension. Set in the world of Dead by Daylight, the game takes the popular long-running title into unexplored territory making it a can’t-miss horror experience for fans and newcomers alike.

“The world of The Entity is like a book with infinite pages,” says Dave Richard, senior creative director at Behaviour Interactive, in a statement. “With a completely different setting, different gameplay, and more, The Casting of Frank Stone is a way for us to fill those pages in and tell a Dead by Daylight story in a way we’ve never been able to before.”

The trailer reveals that a dark, branching narrative awaits in The Casting of Frank Stone, where players’ choices are all that stand between life and death for a compelling cast of all-new characters. It takes place in a small town called Cedar Hills, Oregon.

The story centers around four friends who set out to make their mark on horror cinema in the summer of 1980. What they capture with their 8mm camera will trigger the unthinkable. Throughout the game, players will need to test their resolve and wits solving environmental puzzles, make impossible decisions, and react to Quick Time Events as they search for clues that hide the bigger picture.

“In true Supermassive Games fashion, we’re creating a heart-pounding, immersive experience for all players,” says Traci Tufte, executive producer at Supermassive Games, in a statement. “This is a story that aims to deliver the unexpected at every turn, and it all begins in a small town with a group of young filmmakers shooting their independent horror movie, Murder Mill.”

Players can add the game to their wishlist now on Steam, the Epic Games Store, the PlayStation Store (PS5) and the Microsoft Store (Windows and Xbox Series X|S).

Founded in 2008, Supermassive Games is a BAFTA-winning game studio creating cinematic storytelling titles. Supermassive is best known for horror titles Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology and The Quarry. The most recent releases are The Devil in Me – the season one finale of The Dark Pictures – and Switchback VR on PS VR2.  Supermassive is also developing Little Nightmares III, the next title in the acclaimed series.

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