Degen chain network halts production for over 42 hours

The Degen chain has been inactive for over 42 hours despite a planned network resync scheduled to be completed early Tuesday.

In addition to Degen, the third-party infrastructure provider Conduit noted disruptions affecting another blockchain, Proof of Play’s Apex, following a configuration change last Friday.

“After a custom config change on Friday at [2 pm ET] 11 am PT, two Conduit chains, Degen and Apex, stopped posting batches for more than 24 hours. Upon resuming, the first batches triggered reorgs on both chains,” Conduit explained.

Conduit is collaborating with Degen, Apex, and Offchain Labs to resolve these issues.

“We’re working with both teams and Offchain Labs to restore service and minimize impact to users,” the company stated.

While the Degen chain is popular among Farcaster users, allowing developers to engage with the meme coin community, the downtime has resulted in no new transactions being recorded on the blockchain for two days, the chain’s explorer indicated.

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