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Do Kwon’s lawyers again appeal extradition decision

Lawyers for Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon appealed the Supreme Court of Montenegro’s decision to extradite the entrepreneur.

According to The Korea Times, the entrepreneur’s defense filed another appeal after Montenegrin authorities decided to extradite Do Kwon in mid-April.

The media claim that lawyers want to avoid handing Do Kwon over to U.S. authorities. Kwon’s lawyers prefer to seek extradition to South Korea, where the founder of Terraform Labs is also accused of fraud.

“Kwon’s lawyers in Montenegro appealed the Podgorica High Court’s ruling on April 10 that conditions for his extradition to both the U.S. and Korea were met.”

The Korea Times report

Yesterday, the U.S. SEC demanded that Do Kwon and his former company pay $5.3 billion. The claims were announced after Terraform Labs and the businessman were found guilty of deceiving investors and the collapse of the UST stablecoin.

The courts of Montenegro have been making and challenging various decisions regarding the extradition of Do Kwon for several months. In early March 2024, one of the authorities even approved sending the co-founder of Terraform Labs to South Korea. However, the prosecutor’s office appealed this decision.

Do Kwon and his business partner were arrested at Podgorica airport on March 23, 2023. The pair attempted to bypass passport control using fake documents and board a flight to Dubai.

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