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DOGE, SHIB surge amid GameStop pump as WienerAI sets to excel

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Amid a meme stock rally led by GameStop, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu see notable gains, while the emerging WienerAI presale draws significant investor interest with its AI-driven trading features.

The meme stock frenzy has established a tailwind for memecoins, with top dogs Dogecoin and Shiba Inu enjoying solid gains today. Meanwhile, the emergence of WienerAI, a unique AI-meme coin hybrid, is causing a stir in the cryptocurrency market. With its presale total nearing $2 million, analysts are backing it to see big gains this year.

Traders rotate to memecoins in GameStop saga

The GameStop saga revival is underway following the return of prominent trader Roaring Kitty, but similar to in 2021, attention is quickly shifting way to memecoins.

Well-known meme coin trader Ansem noted that Dogecoin did a 100x following GameStop’s peak in 2021, so the recent upswings of DOGE and SHIB hints that another parabolic memecoin season could be looming.

Currently, Dogecoin is trading at $0.1561, up 6.8% today, 5.8% this week, and 0.4% this month. It holds a $22 billion market cap and a $1.9 billion 24-hour trading volume, up 17% today.

While GameStop’s recent performance (up 148% in five days) considerably outpaces Dogecoin, it has slumped 18% today. Therefore, Dogecoin’s 6.8% daily pump reflects relative and nods that a rotation from meme stocks to meme coins is underway.

One potential catalyst for this is that GameStop and AMC trading was halted a combined 38 times on Wednesday. The aim was to curb volatility and protect Wall Street from being ‘short squeezed’ by retail investors.

“Imagine what happens when retail stock traders discover you can’t halt the blockchain,” wrote Borovik on X recently. Indeed, Borovik was alluding that stock traders may rotate to cryptocurrencies due to their decentralized nature.

Meanwhile, well-known trader Kaloe anticipates that Dogecoin is “due for a good pump.“You may not remember this, but GameStop led the way back in early 2021. It wasn’t until after it topped that DOGE started sending.”

DOGE, SHIB surge amid GameStop pump as WienerAI sets to excel - 2

Moving to Shiba Inu, it has outperformed Dogecoin lately. It is priced at $0.00002528, up 9.5% today, 10.2% this week, and 16% this month. Currently, SHIB holds a $14.9 billion market cap while its 24-hour trading volume is at $1.2 billion, surging 43% today. 

With momentum on its side, trader Nebraskngooner predicts a decisive move to the upside. He referenced the Shiba Inu price trading inside a descending triangle pattern, and wrote, “Meme pumpers are eagerly waiting for a breakout.”

DOGE, SHIB surge amid GameStop pump as WienerAI sets to excel - 3

But while market-leading meme coins show strength, new upcoming projects also look bullish. One of the most promising is the newly launched WienerAI, a compelling presale that has raised almost $2 million.

Traders think WienerAI could explode 

Positioned at the intersection of memecoins and AI, it is no surprise that WienerAI is doing well. According to CoinMarketCap data, the memecoin sector holds a $55 billion market cap, up 6.2% today. Meanwhile, the AI coin market is valued at $39 billion, up 11.7% today.

Based on a playful sausage dog memecoin that is looking to amass a “sausage army”, WienerAI’s consumer-facing exterior holds massive viral potential. However, WienerAI isn’t just a meme coin.

This is because the team behind the project is building an AI trading app that will scan the market, crunch data, and conduct predictive analysis to identify the best trading opportunities. Then, WienerAI will provide instant, zero-fee, and MEV-free token swaps across DEXs.

Numerous crypto traders are bullish on its potential, with popular presale gem hunter Jacob Bury stating it could have 100x potential.

Staking rewards are also at play, encouraging users to lock up their tokens in exchange for passive gains. They can currently garner a 512% APY, but this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

To learn more, visit the WienerAI presale.

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