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Eye Center South: A Legacy of Excellence in Eyecare

Eye Center South: Where excellence meets eyecare, ensuring a legacy of superior vision and patient satisfaction.

Dothan, AL, April 26, 2024 / LinkDaddy News / – Eye Center South, founded in 1980 by Drs. Marnix Heersink and John Fortin have been pillars of eyecare excellence in Dothan, Alabama, and beyond for over four decades. What began as a modest ophthalmology practice has since evolved into a comprehensive eyecare institution, offering cutting-edge treatments, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to patient satisfaction. As Eye Center South continues to grow and expand its reach across the Southeast, it remains dedicated to providing the highest standard of eyecare to communities far and wide.

Eye-Center-South-1“Since our inception over 40 years ago, Eye Center South has been dedicated to delivering exceptional eyecare services with a personalized touch. Our journey from a small practice to a leading eyecare institution is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our patients’ vision and well-being.”

Situated at the intersection of Ross Clark Circle and Fortner Street in Dothan, Eye Center South stands as a beacon of excellence in eyecare. Originally housed in a modest downtown location, the practice quickly outgrew its space, prompting a move to its current location in 1982. Over the years, the facility has undergone extensive renovations and expansions, transforming into the bustling Health Center South campus—a hub of healthcare innovation and excellence.

Eye-Center-South-2At the heart of Health Center South lies Eye Center South, alongside Surgery Center South and The Medical Tower, which houses Vision Center South, the Optometric Division of Eye Center South. This meticulously planned campus offers a comprehensive range of eyecare services, from routine exams to advanced surgical procedures, all under one roof.

“Eye Center South is more than just a healthcare facility; it’s a community institution built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and compassion. We take pride in offering state-of-the-art eyecare services in a warm and welcoming environment, where our patients’ needs always come first.”

The expansion of Eye Center South’s services has been a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence. In 1984, the addition of an outpatient surgery center solidified its position as a leader in surgical eyecare. Today, Surgery Center South boasts twelve fully equipped operating rooms and two procedure rooms, offering patients access to pioneering surgical treatments in a state-of-the-art facility.

Eye-Center-South-4Since 2006, Eye Center South has expanded its scope of services to include Hearing Center South, enabling patients to address both their eye and hearing needs conveniently in one location. This holistic approach to healthcare reflects Eye Center South’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its patients and providing comprehensive care for the whole individual.

Beyond its roots in Dothan, Eye Center South has expanded its reach across the Southeast, with six locations spanning central Alabama to the Florida panhandle. This expansion has enabled Eye Center South to bring its exceptional eyecare services to even more communities, furthering its mission of providing quality care to all who need it.

“As we look to the future, Eye Center South remains committed to upholding the highest standards of eyecare excellence and continuing our legacy of innovation and compassion. We are honored to have served our community for over four decades and look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of our patients for many years to come.”

About Eye Center South

Eye Center South, founded in 1980 by Drs. Marnix Heersink and John Fortin, is a leading provider of comprehensive eyecare services in Dothan, Alabama, and beyond. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and patient satisfaction, Eye Center South offers a wide range of services, from routine eye exams to advanced surgical procedures, across six locations in the Southeast. 

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Company Name: Eye Center South
Address: 2800 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36301
Phone: (800) 467-1393

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