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Fezoo’s Stage 1 presale becomes a hotspot for Kusama and TRON fans 

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Fezoo’s Stage 1 presale attracts Kusama and TRON investors amid their ongoing market challenges and uncertainties.

In terms of the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies, Binance is the leading and largest crypto exchange in the world. However, the new cryptocurrency exchange, Fezoo, is pioneering advancements and sparking the interests of Kusama and Tron investors.

Investors ask if Kusama is dead

Kusama reached an all-time high of $623.75 in the last bull run. Today, however, the price falls short, trading at a low of $32.58. More troubling is that the price has been below $80 for more than two years. This steep drop, coupled with the lack of progressive price movement, has left many Kusama holders skeptical of its rise in this coming bull run.

A YouTuber who goes by the alias Lee The Captain refers to Kusama as a sleeping giant. He backs up his claim by saying that Kusama has an amazing use case, as it is a scalable multi-chain network for early-stage projects. 

Also, coupled with its low market cap and several projects running on the Kusama blockchain, there is a strong possibility for exponential growth. Moreover, looking at the previous bull run spike, many other investors are salivating at the anticipated profit this bull run may bring.

TRON’s questioned legitimacy in the SEC lawsuit

Tron’s price performance has been positive since the beginning of 2023, with a consistent upward trend. However, a significant price drop began in April 2024. The price dropped from $0.123 to $0.105. However, on closer observation, there is already a retracement in price. This month’s performance indicates a volatile market, keeping investors focused on strategic price points of market entry.

However, the SEC’s original and amended lawsuit against Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, accusing him of selling unregistered securities through Tron and BitTorrent tokens to US investors and backing this fact in the amended lawsuit that Sun traveled extensively in the U.S. during that time has caused questioning of the legitimacy of the entire cryptocurrency. How this lawsuit will affect Tron’s performance in the following days is yet to be seen.    

Fezoo’s Presale garners attention 

Fezoo is a new decentralized exchange focused on connecting investors globally. It utilizes a trustless system that prioritizes validation and security. Fezoo’s core principles and technological architecture allow users to provide liquidity and trade on several markets. 

Investors can also use the fiat converter to make instant crypto payments into designated accounts. Fezoo’s presale price is currently $0.013, and early investors are given priority access to the trading platform before it goes live. In addition, 50% of all fees generated from the exchange platform will be distributed daily in proportion to each investor’s holdings. 

Fezoo’s roadmap to becoming the leading exchange involves three steps: foundation and visibility, expansion and engagement, and consolidation and outreach.

 To learn more about Fezoo’s utilities and roadmap, visit the website.

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