If Your Students Are Using Scissors, You NEED This Time-Saving Hack

Ah, it’s my favorite portion of the unit. The time for direct instruction is over, and the students get to do a tactile activity. I whip out the group activity bundles and pass them out. But then minutes later, I am pelted with, “Mrs. Morris! I can’t find what I just cut out! I can’t find my pieces!” Suddenly I miss the calm and structure of my direct instruction. Shew-y. (That’s Arkansan for “Yikes.”)

TikToker @hanbeamcm offers a simple solution to this craziness, something I wish I’d known before. Even my 8th graders would have benefited! Let’s take a look:

I see making these circles on my students’ desks as an extra way to monitor too. While teachers are explaining the directions for the activity, they could be circling the room and making these Expo circles. I was always looking for ways to work around my room! A time-saving hack, an extra way to work around the room, AND no more continual “I can’t find my pieces!” complaints? Yes, please!

What others are saying:

Some teachers love this hack while others brought up points that are worth noodling through.

image 41

Yes, we follow @hanbeamcm too!

image 42

Trust me :’) almost 95% of the teachers I’ve worked with and seen don’t have those “fancy desks”!

image 43

OK, so maybe it’s inevitable that Johnny is STILL going to lose his pieces. But at least this cuts down on complaints from the rest of the class!

image 44

In theory, yes. But thinking about acquiring 30 cups—not to mention the noise from 30 cups (anyone flashing back to the Cup Song period?) makes my teacher eyes twitch. These circles are the perfect trick!

To sum it up, whether you’re managing a lively class of kindergartners or navigating the chaos of middle school art projects, the simplicity of drawing circles on desks can transform your classroom experience. TikToker @hanbeamcm’s hack not only helps keep those pesky cutouts in check but also offers an extra opportunity for classroom management. So next time the scissors come out, whip out your Expo marker too. Give it a try and see just how smoothly your activities can go!

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