‘I’ve never seen someone put the mom first’: Sweet BFF post-birth video goes viral

When you have a new baby, plenty of people want to see… the baby. But in a viral TikTok video, one new mom’s BFF is being praised by women everywhere for how she responded to seeing her bestie for the first time after she gave birth.

The video, posted by Nika Diwa, is filmed by the BFF’s partner, who wrote over the footage, “My wife hopped on a plane to meet her best friend’s baby but I was shocked when the first one she ran to was…”

@nikadiwa I’ve never seen the mom acknowledged first 🥹 #meetingthebaby ♬ Turning Page (Instrumental) – Sleeping At Last

In the video, we see the pair of besties see each other for the first time on camera and immediately burst into tears. The love between them is just so palpable. Then, the visiting BFF says through sobs, “I’m so proud of you,” as she runs to her bestie’s side. She acknowledges the newborn on her best friend’s lap, but she asks, “Can I see you first?” as she goes in for a huge hug.

“I love you, honey,” she says. “I’m so proud of you. You did it. You did it. I’m so proud of you.”

BRB, just going to call my BFF really quick and tell her I love her.

This video is tugging at heartstrings all over the internet, not only because of the absolutely palpable love between these two best friends, but because it’s making us all realize how rare it is for anyone to acknowledge a mom’s accomplishment after giving birth. Like, she grew and birthed a whole new human! That’s a lot! 

“The ‘I’m so proud of you’ has me in tears 😭 I love womanhood. How beautiful it is that we have these experiences,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “A baby is cute but the mom just went through a life changing experience physically and mentally. A true friend 💗”

And another made this extremely relatable point: “I would absolutely go to my friend first…unless there was a puppy, then I’m going to puppy first.”

This is a good reminder that while babies are cute and all, their moms don’t become invisible once they’re born. If anything, they need our support and acknowledgement even more.

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