KangaMoon shines as Bitcoin Cash struggles, NEAR Protocol soars

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KangaMoon surges 20x post-listing on BitMart and Uniswap, Bitcoin Cash sees a 39% drop, while NEAR Protocol anticipates a 230.07% rise by August 2024.

New and creative ideas are arising as the crypto market develops and grabs the interest of both investors and aficionados. Originally expected to generate 100x returns in 2024, KangaMoon has already made over 20x gains after being listed on BitMart and Uniswap, paying early investors 2,000% ROI. 

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash witnessed an almost 39% drop over the last three months, which reflects investor pessimism. Conversely, NEAR Protocol appears bright; a price projection for August 2024 indicates a 230.07% rise. NEAR Protocol has shown a consistent increase over the past thirty days, increasing investors’ interest.

Enthusiasts excited about the future of KangaMoon

In recent months, crypto enthusiasts have become more interested in KangaMoon which is predicted to yield 100x returns in 2024. So far, the token has already done over 20x after it was listed on BitMart and Uniswap, generating about 2,000% for early investors. Moreover, KangaMoon’s presale performance, unique and creative features, and greater growth potential have drawn attention from the wider cryptocurrency market. 

Meanwhile, Your Crypto DJ considers KangaMoon an exciting project with future potential. Having reached the $100M market cap milestone, KangaMoon is on its way to $1 billion as investors’ demand for the KANG tokens keeps increasing. Moreover, analysts predict that the value of KangaMoon can very well reach $1 this year.

KangaMoon has already been added to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko in the interim. Also, it is expected that the NFT gaming play-to-earn market, projected to be worth $88.6 billion by 2028, will be completely disrupted by KangaMoon’s “Kangaverse” ecosystem. There would be battle-themed challenges, betting opportunities for traders and gamers, and tournaments. Users will be able to purchase in-game items on the market, upgrade their Kangaverse characters, and gain access to exclusive games with the KANG token.

Bitcoin Cash price chart analysis

Recently, the Bitcoin Cash price chart indicates difficulties for the altcoin as evidenced by price drops over the previous few months. In just the last three months, the Bitcoin Cash price has decreased by nearly 39%, from $635 to $388. This pattern suggests that investors are still pessimistic and are losing faith in the altcoin’s potential for a recovery.

Although the expectations for the upcoming months may be more positive, in July 2024, analysts predict that the Bitcoin Cash price could range between $350 and $400, with a further decline possible. It is anticipated that Bitcoin Cash will have a negative overall return.

NEAR Protocol price prediction

By August 1, 2024, the NEAR Protocol price is expected to have increased by 230.07% to reach $17.86, based on a current NEAR Protocol price prediction. Over the previous 30 days, NEAR Protocol recorded 15/30 (or 50%) green days with 14.72% price volatility. The NEAR Protocol price forecast indicates that this is an excellent moment to purchase NEAR Protocol. 

Moreover, the projected annual low NEAR Protocol price for 2025 is $5.41, based on past price movements of the protocol and BTC halving cycles. It is anticipated that NEAR Protocol will cost up to $25.75 in the upcoming year. As of right now, the price prediction for NEAR Protocol in 2025 ranges from $5.41 at the low end to $25.75 at the high end. 

More gains expected from KangaMoon

Along with more established altcoins like Bitcoin Cash and NEAR Protocol, the cryptocurrency market keeps highlighting fresh and creative ideas like KangaMoon. Driven by its own “Kangaverse” ecosystem and great presale results, KangaMoon’s performance sets it out as a unique investment opportunity with expected significant returns in 2024. 

To learn more, visit the Kangamoon website or join their telegram community.

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