Letters to Sports: Fire on? USC's coaching woes go beyond Alex Grinch

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At last, coach Lincoln Riley has shown some leadership in letting go Alex Grinch. Hopefully, this will lead to other USC defensive coaches being shown the door. Fire On!

David Marshall
Santa Monica


Dancing on the (employment) grave of Alex Grinch? You’re a mean one, Mr. Plaschke!

Richard Turnage


The failure of USC’s football program to develop a first-rate defensive unit has many factors. Yes, Grinch did not do a good job. However, trying to build a defense with transfer portal kids is complicated. Some of the athletes are disgruntled and others are underachievers. Regardless, putting all the pieces together was Grinch’s job and he failed miserably.

Mike Anderson
Sherman Oaks


Has anyone stopped to consider that perhaps the players just aren’t that good? Maybe the head coach should focus on recruiting/hiring better players on the defensive side of the field. Just a thought.

John Lalley
Los Osos


What’s the deal with Riley? He had a perfect opportunity to replace Grinch after the disaster of last season. By keeping Grinch, he squandered the potential of this team (and Caleb Williams) from having a truly memorable season. I am absolutely not impressed with Riley’s performance to date. It would be no big loss for him to move on to the NFL.

Sherwyn Drucker

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