Looking Glass launches 16-inch and 32-inch spatial displays

Looking Glass has unveiled its latest additions to its holographic display line-up: the 16-inch and 32-inch spatial displays.

These adaptable displays offer professionals the world’s best 3D experience without the need for headsets, catering to a wide range of industries that rely on immersive visualization tools, the company said.

The introduction of the new spatial displays complements the previously announced Looking Glass Go, targeting different segments of the market. While the Looking Glass Go focuses on transforming 2D photos into 3D memories, the larger formats are aimed at XR developers and professionals in fields such as design, engineering, education, research, and healthcare.

LKG 32 SpatialDisplayLandscape shoe
Looking Glass 32-inch display in landscape mode.

According to Shawn Frayne, CEO of Brooklyn, New York-based Looking Glass, these spatial displays have already proven invaluable across various industries.

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“We’ve seen so many industries and individuals benefit from our group-viewable spatial displays. Creatives pushing the boundaries of digital expression. Design studios creating the next generation of products. Museums bringing artifacts back to life,” Frayne said in a statement. “Marketers creating magical, immersive brand moments. Medical students learning hands-on with realistic anatomy. Researchers investigating cellular drug therapies. Everywhere, companies are creating a new generation of XR experiences using Looking Glass displays and the new 16” and 32” displays will only enhance their ability to do that.”

The displays offer superior 3D multiviewing capabilities as well as versatility to adapt to any professional setting. Key features include the ability to broadcast 45 to 100 views for group-viewing experiences, support for holographic images, videos, and real-time applications, and compatibility with a variety of sensors for touchless gesture control.

Moreover, the displays boast a comprehensive software suite, including plugins for popular platforms like Unity, Unreal, and Blender, as well as a 3D model importer and a robust SDK for developing custom 3D content.

LKG 32 SpatialDisplayPortrait terrain
Looking Glass 32-inch spatial display.

In terms of installation, the displays offer flexibility with options for landscape or portrait orientation to accommodate different content formats. Their sleek design and thin form factor allow them to seamlessly integrate into various professional environments, while flexible mounting options cater to diverse installation needs.

The new spatial displays are available for purchase now, with pricing starting at $4,000 (and for a limited time at $3,000) for the Looking Glass 16-inch Spatial Display (limited-time offer). For pricing details on the Looking Glass 32-inch Spatial Display, interested parties can contact Looking Glass directly at sales@lookingglassfactory.com.

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