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Mega Dice Casino launches DICE token, surpasses $500K in presale

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Mega Dice’s new DICE token surpasses $500K in presale, poised to change GameFi as the leading token in gaming.

Mega Dice token, a new cryptocurrency launched by the prestigious Mega Dice casino, has recently surpassed $500K in its presale. The new DICE token is part of Mega Dice’s broader gamification layer and will be integral in rewarding existing casino users and attracting new ones.

Mega Dice is set to become the only crypto casino that offers daily rewards to its users based on the platform’s success.

Track record and user base hint at big potential

The Mega Dice casino is a revenue-generating machine with a name already entrenched in the crypto gambling circuit. With over 50K users, 10K active players, and $50 million in monthly wagers, this juggernaut casino presents an exciting opportunity with its new gamification layer.

DICE incentivizes holders with a slew of perks and exclusive benefits. An airdrop giveaway worth $2.25 million will be divided over three rounds. Limited edition NFTs, early bird bonuses, a referral program, and in-game advantages are also available for holders.

These advantages will surely be a hit with casino players considering its expansive ecosystem of over 4,000 games, 60 live games, and sports book events.

Mega Dice’s airdrop aims to stimulate platform activity, with users who wager over $5K in a 21-day window gaining eligibility. Learn more about the new presale and Mega Dice’s broader ecosystem on its X or Telegram channels.

Online gambling is booming, reflected in GameFi prices

Opportunity awaits brave traders who enter the emerging GameFi industry while it remains in its early stages. Statistic data projects that the online gambling sector’s annualized revenue could soar to $136 billion by 2029, equating to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2%.

The market analysis also shows the amount of online gambling users will exceed 280 million by that time. Given crypto gambling’s tangible benefits like anonymity, faster transactions, instant withdrawals, and global accessibility, it is no surprise that related tokens are witnessing outsized success.

Market-leading casino token Rollbit has a $419 million market cap but peaked at over $700 million in November 2023 – a 27,000% increase from its price in 2022.

Mega Dice Casino launches DICE token, surpasses $500K in presale - 2

On the other end of the spectrum, traders are also displaying an appetite for newer casino tokens, with the recently launched Scorpion Casino crypto exploding 3x out of the gate. But with its benefits, Mega Dice token boasts a more promising launch environment than any other project.

History says Mega Dice token investors could win big

Its most celebrated new feature is daily crypto rewards based on the casino’s success. This is a first-of-its-kind, empowering holders and exposing them to the uber-profitable casino industry machine.

However, this is not the first time Mega Dice has stood at the industry’s forefront of inventiveness In 2023, Mega Dice made the firecracker move of launching the first fully licensed Telegram casino. 

This was a win-win, opening the application’s 900 million users to the benefits of GameFi,  while providing Mega Dice with recognition in the industry’s leading media outlets like Cointelegraph.

Its new token looks to continue its momentum, but time to buy at presale is limited. The current price is $0.069, but it will rise when 14.7 million DICE are sold. So far, the figure is 7.3 million.

To learn more, visit the Mega Dice Token presale.

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