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New meme coins listings to watch: Pepe, Slothana, Dogwifhat

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Exchange listings expose cryptocurrencies to more investors and often prove instrumental in explosive price movements.

With that in mind, this article looks at the best new meme coin listings to watch. We consider community reactions to listing announcements, prices, and potential for further gains.

Based on these criteria, our top picks are Pepe, Slothana, Dogwifhat, Apu Apustaja, and Gummy. Let’s explore each below.


Pepe emerged as a beacon of hope for investors amid the 2023 bear market, exploding above a $1 billion market cap in its opening weeks. The token has regained centre stage recently, with its price exploding through 2024.

Currently, Pepe is the top-performing large-cap meme coin, and excitement is brewing regarding a listing on Coinbase International Exchange. This is an institutional-focused arm of Coinbase that serves clients outside of the United States.

Coinbase’s announcement ignited massive excitement among the meme coin community, with the tweet garnering over 280K views.

The listing will enable perpetual futures contract trading, but some analysts have speculated that a spot listing will follow.

Currently, Pepe is trading at $0.000006781, up 6.8% today and 34% this week but down 8.9% this month.

It holds a $2.8 billion market cap and a $1 billion 24-hour trading volume, up 13% today.


Slothana is a trending Solana-based presale that raised over $10 million in its opening two weeks. The monumental presale success reflects a deep-rooted market appetite for Solana meme coins following the success of Book of Meme and Slerf.

The Slothana presale will end in six days, after which it will launch on exchanges.

It has already eclipsed the total raises of BOME and SLERF, which raised $2 million and $10 million, respectively.

Book of Meme’s secured a Binance listing within two days of launching. Given Slothana’s outsized success, this hints at a bright future for the new meme coin.

Another factor pointing to strong potential is rumours that the Smog team created Slothana. Smog soared 100x following its launch in February, reaching a $270 million market cap. The rumours follow Smog commenting on Slothana’s first-ever X post when it had under 50 followers.


Dogwifhat is the leading meme coin on Solana and the fourth-largest in the entire crypto market. Similar to Pepe, Coinbase International Exchange recently announced it will list Dogwifhat for perpetual futures trading. 

The announcement garnered 1 million views, reflecting a deep-rooted market interest in the jovial meme coin.

New meme coins listings to watch: Pepe, Slothana, Dogwifhat - 2

Excitement is also building that the futures listing may precede a spot listing, enabling all Coinbase users to buy and hold WIF on the platform. 

“Coinbase perp listing will lead to spot listing,” said PepeXBT. 

Since Coinbase is the industry’s leading exchange, this would establish significant new demand for the token.

Currently, Dogwifhat is trading at $2.81, down 4.6% today, up 8.4% this week, and up 23% this month.

It holds a $2.8 billion market cap and a $388 million 24-hour trading volume.

Apu Apustaja

Apu Apustaja is a Pepe-inspired meme coin that has recently enjoyed monumental success. Its website leads with “The coin for all frens,” demonstrating an understanding of meme coin culture.

Apu was listed on Bitget on Monday, causing hysteria among its community. Several vocal commentators compared Apu’s current position to Pepe’s amid its Bitget listing, predicting spectacular returns may be on the horizon.

“Pepe hit $1.8B market cap 2 weeks after the Bitget listing last year,” explained apumaxi.eth.

New meme coins listings to watch: Pepe, Slothana, Dogwifhat - 3

The project’s website says, “Apu, also known as Peepo or Helper, and commonly mistaken for Pepe, is used to represent a much younger, kinder, and more naive anthropomorphic frog.”

Apu Apustaja is currently trading at $0.000481, up 3.7% today, 65% this week, and 763% this month.

It holds a $161 million market cap and a $4.3 million 24-hour trading volume, up 13% today.


Gummy is a new Solana-based meme coin currently in CoinMarketCap’s top 20 trending cryptos. 

The project’s debut CEX listing occurred on BingX on Monday and drew tremendous interest on social media. BingX announced the listing hours before it went live, and the tweet has received over 900 likes so far.

New meme coins listings to watch: Pepe, Slothana, Dogwifhat - 4

Besides its BingX listing, an airdrop campaign is adding to Gummy’s hype. 30% of its total supply is earmarked for the giveaway. Another 10% is allocated to exchange liquidity, 20% to marketing, and 40% is to be burned.

The project has already attracted prominent influencers, with the Crypto Banter X account recently commenting on its strong market performance.

Gummy is priced at $0.18, up 55% since CoinMarketCap data began on Monday. It has a $178 million market cap and a $74 million 24-hour trading volume.

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