New Solana presale nears $1M, potential for Mega Dice token to 10x

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Mega Dice token’s presale momentum builds, attracting GameFi enthusiasts in Solana and Ethereum ecosystems.

The GameFi sector is gaining pace, and the newly launched Mega Dice token is fueling excitement as it raises almost $1 million at presale.

DICE is the native token to Mega Dice’s new gamification layer, which will reward existing casino players while attracting new ones to its ecosystem.

DICE presale soars as price hike looms

Traders are vying to obtain DICE tokens at the lowest price possible, but with limited supply, some may not purchase.

The Mega Dice token presale remains in its genesis phase, providing buyers with low price. However, once 14.7 million DICE are sold, the presale price is expected to rise. Currently, 13.4 million DICE have sold.

As such, the presale’s momentum is growing, with the total raise moving towards the $1 million milestone.

With 50,000 players and over $50 million in monthly wagers, Mega Dice stands as a prominent player in the crypto casino marketing, suggesting that its current momentum may persist.

The DICE presale is available on both the Solana and Ethereum networks, positioning it at the epicenter of some of the popular on-chain ecosystems.

Solana is growing as Mega Dice token leads the GameFi front

Solana’s on-chain antics are spearheading crypto’s advancement into the next bull run, but while many traders are eyeing its memetic shenanigans, the GameFi industry is emerging.

Market commentator RV Crypto highlighted this in a recent tweet, predicting that “GameFi will flip meme coins in 2024.”

Meanwhile, Kyledoops underscored that “Solana surpassed all other chains in daily combined DEX volume” yesterday.

New Solana presale nears $1M, potential for Mega Dice token to 10x - 2

With Solana and GameFi both on the up, the Mega Dice token is strategically positioned for success following its launch on the open market.

Leading analysts and influencers bolster demand for DICE

Notable crypto analysts have commented on DICE’s presale, and have shown optimism abou5 it’s future gains.

For instance, Vermanche recently introduced the project to his 20K X followers, prompting his audience to “be part of the next gem gaming token.”

Meanwhile, prominent YouTuber Michael Wrubel provided several reasons he is bullish on Mega Dice token to his 312K subscribers.

And other analysts have provided possible price targets.

For instance, Jon Trading says that DICE could be “the next 100x token of the 2024 bull run.”

Daily rewards and exclusive benefits for Mega Dice token holders

A steadfast use case makes Mega Dice token a contender in the Solana ecosystem.

Its most anticipated feature is a utility of daily passive rewards based on the casino’s success. This provides holders with exposure to the casino industry. 

And that’s not to mention the added capital appreciation potential by holding DICE.

Holders also get access to limited edition NFTs, early bird bonuses, a referral program, and exclusive on-platform perks and advantages.

New Solana presale nears $1M, potential for Mega Dice token to 10x - 3

For more details, follow Mega Dice on X or join its Telegram community. You can also learn more about the presale on the official website.

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