Notcoin drops 9% while PlayDoge raises $5.5m in presale

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Notcoin has had a mixed week, with its price dropping 9% in the past 24 hours; meanwhile, the new Play-to-Earn memecoin PlayDoge gains traction, raising $5.5m in its presale.

Notcoin has had a mixed week so far. After rising on Monday, NOT has plunged by 9% in the past 24 hours.

Meanwhile, new Play-to-Earn (P2E) memecoin PlayDoge is proving in high demand as its presale total raise smashes $5.5 million.

NOT price struggles to maintain bullish momentum

It all started on Friday when NOT bottomed out and began to rally. Amid a market bounce, the project soared 50% from its lows, reflecting huge interest among buyers.

Yet NOT was unable to sustain that momentum. Since yesterday, NOT has dropped 9%, having tapped resistance around $0.0175. That drop has seen NOT give back most of the gains made on Monday. 

At the time of writing, NOT is trading at $0.0159. Despite the drop, Notcoin’s social media provides a reminder of why the project is under the spotlight.

Over 200 projects have been launched via the Notcoin platform, and more than 22 million users have participated in the launches.

Through its Play-to-Earn roots, Notcoin has become one of crypto’s most prestigious applications.

It has over 40 million players, and the NOT token has seen rampant success since its launch.

The project remains at number two on CoinMarketCap’s trending list, only second to Bitcoin.

And the project’s 24-hour trading volume currently stands at a staggering $719 million – which puts it in the top 20 globally.

Its trading volume illustrates an undeniable market interest, and analysts have picked up on it. CryptoVirtuos highlighted that Notcoin’s volume surged 4x in 24 hours.

But what does this mean for the NOT price?

World of Charts highlights that its recent uptick has broken above a descending channel, laying the way for a move toward $0.044.

Other P2E cryptos are also seeing success this week.

For instance, Ronin has jumped 5% today, and the new presale P2E token PlayDoge has surpassed the revered $5.5 million mark at the presale.

PlayDoge raises $5.5m in presale as analyst calls for huge gains

Wedged between the high-octane P2E and memecoin narratives, PlayDoge is primed for growth. It’s a P2E game inspired by the blockbuster 1990s Tamagotchi game, which sold 82 million copies.

PlayDoge players will care for a virtual pet, similar to the original game.

Notcoin drops 9% while PlayDoge raises $5.5m in presale - 2

The big difference is that PlayDoge users are economically compensated for their time with PLAY rewards. Imagine reliving nostalgic gaming experiences and being paid for it.

Adding to the excitement, the PlayDoge team has carefully designed its tokenomics with long-term success in mind. PLAY has multiple utilities, like accessing rewards, being used for in-game purchases, and staking.

Leading industry figures are drawn to the project. For example, the Crypto News YouTube channel speculates that PlayDoge could 10x after launching on exchanges.

“It’s going to make a lot of people a lot of money. I think PlayDoge is going to explode,” said the analyst. He then cited that renowned commentators like Alex Becker regard P2E as one of crypto’s most promising use cases.

The analyst also underscores that PlayDoge brings something new and exciting to the arena. The PlayDoge presale total raise currently sits at $5.5 million. It’s an exciting time for traders, with PLAY currently available at the discounted rate of $0.00517. 

However, this price will rise as the presale advances. To learn more, visit the PlayDoge presale.

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