Pepe and Book of Meme see bullish rises as new meme coin ICO hits $8.5M

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Amidst a fervent market, Pepe and Book of Meme tokens surge by 4% and 8%, respectively. Dogecoin20, a new presale meme coin, crosses $8 million as its IEO approaches.

The meme coin refuses to back down as Pepe and Book of Meme soar 4% and 8%, respectively.

Meanwhile, the new presale meme coin Dogecoin20 has surpassed the $8 million mark, enthralling market participants as its IEO approaches.

Pepe and Book of Meme climb as renowned analyst dubs memes “new asset class”

The next wave of meme coin excitement looks set to take off as Pepe and Book of Meme embark on a steady upward trajectory.

This is enabled as the broader market acceptance of meme coins grows. Mechanism Capital co-founder Andrew Kang recently called meme coins “the emergence of a new asset class.”

The comment reflects an accelerating sentiment that meme coins are here to stay.

Currently, Pepe is trading at $0.000007579, finding support around $0.000007 after touching from lows of $0.000006 earlier last week.

“The PEPE movement after the two big drops looks very similar. First, you get a big bounce back and then a smaller dip followed by sideways movement. Now we just wait for PEPE to rip into new ATH,” said market analyst Plazma in a recent tweet.

In a follow-up tweet, the analyst predicted a “very hot week,” noting that liquidity was “flooding in” on Sunday night.

A similar trajectory is playing out for new meme coin sensation Book of Meme, which sold off after forging its ATH on 16 March. 

Similarly to Pepe, BOME created lows last week but has begun recovering, consolidating above $0.013 as analysts anticipate a break to the upside. Currently, it is trading at $0.01346.

Analyst Trader Sam anticipates a move toward its ATH in the coming weeks.

“Still holding well. I’m targeting the green lines,” he said.

Pepe and Book of Meme see bullish rises as new meme coin ICO hits $8.5M - 2

Meanwhile, Team Lambo Charts predicts an explosive breakout toward $0.05, a 271% increase from its current price.

“BOME is waiting for an even bigger breakout here! If we break above $0.0145, targets will be up to $0.05. Easy 3-4x should be locked in on the breakout,” he wrote.

Pepe and Book of Meme see bullish rises as new meme coin ICO hits $8.5M - 3

The blend of a growing market appetite for meme coins, analysts’ predictions, and recent price recoveries sets a bullish precedent for Pepe and Book of Meme looking ahead. 

However, these are not the only projects displaying potential. One emerging meme coin contender is Dogecoin20, a trending presale that has raised $8 million in just over one week.

Trending stake-to-earn Dogecoin20 raises $8.6M

Drawing inspiration from the OG meme coin Dogecoin, Dogecoin20 is a next-generation project with revamped tokenomics and improved utility.

When software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer jokingly created Dogecoin in 2013, nobody thought it would become a multi-billion dollar sensation, forging a central component in the revolutionary battle against traditional finance.

As such, there are dents in Dogecoin’s armor, criticisms that have been left unaddressed since its inception. Enter: Dogecoin20.

Through its flagship Stake-to-Earn mechanism, Dogecoin20 invites users to compound their $DOGE20, embracing the “Make your money work for you” philosophy popularized by personal finance gurus.

Currently, Dogecoin20 holders can garner a 119% APY, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

Following in the footsteps of Bitcoin and other “sound money” proponents, Dogecoin20 aims to stave off inflation and price dilution with a capped supply.

In contrast, Dogecoin holds an unlimited supply, rendering it a suboptimal store of value.

Indeed, these benefits present immense potential for Dogecoin20. However, it also strives to encapsulate Dogecoin’s vibrant essence and “Do Only Good Everyday” philosophy.

As per its whitepaper, the project will proceed with philanthropic efforts and charitable initiatives.

But those looking to buy $DOGE20 must act fast. The price will increase incrementally throughout the presale, with the next uptick in just two days or when it raises $9.1 million.

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