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Potential surge for LTC, SOL, and Milei Moneda amid market recovery

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Market experts predict Litecoin could hit $290.67, Solana might reach $417.14, and Milei Moneda’s presale promises both short and long-term gains in 2024.

Three altcoins that analysts say are well-positioned for a quick recovery are Litecoin (LTC), Solana (SOL), and the new entrant Milei Moneda (MEDA). According to experts, with growing interest and adoption and anticipated price increases, these tokens could help investors realize gains of up to double within the short term.

Litecoin’s on-chain activity reflects strong engagement 

The price of Litecoin’s native token, LTC, has seen modest gains since the start of the year, rising by almost 14%. While Litecoin got off to a shaky April, with its price falling more than 12%, the decline has been relatively contained compared to other top altcoins.

Analysis of Litecoin’s on-chain activity shows that many investors have been taking advantage of the market dip to purchase more LTC coins. Over the past week, investors traded 1.33 billion LTC, coming within 26% of the monthly high trading volume of 1.8 billion LTC recorded in early April.

Meanwhile, with growing investor interest, several cryptocurrency analysts anticipate further price appreciation for Litecoin. Based on their predictions, the value of Litecoin could surge as high as $290.67 by the end of 2024.

Market setback fails to dim Solana’s trajectory 

Solana has been one of the top-performing altcoins since the beginning of the year, recording gains over 51% year-to-date. While it has declined more than 24% in the past month due to recent market volatility, SOL’s long-term prospects remain highly optimistic.

This optimism is affirmed by the impressive number of daily active addresses on the Solana blockchain, surpassing even industry giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum consistently for the past two months.

The recent integration of mSOL, a token representing staked SOL in Marinade Finance, with Coinbase has also provided an additional boost to Solana’s potential.

Moreover, the increasing adoption of Solana has garnered positive sentiment among industry experts, who anticipate a promising future for its value. Their predictions suggest that the price of Solana could reach $417.14 before the end of 2024.

Milei Moneda emerges as top ICO choice 

According to crypto experts, Milei Moneda has the potential to generate significant short-term gains for investors seeking to recover from recent market downturns. The emerging token’s unique features and alignment with the principles of decentralized finance have attracted considerable attention.

Milei Moneda distinguishes itself by championing an open market economy that values individual decision-making. With a locked liquidity configuration and a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens, MEDA offers a solid foundation for potential investors.

Moreover, the distribution of MEDA tokens consists of 60% allocated for public access, 15% for liquidity, 15% for marketing and rewards, and 5% each for burn and airdrop. 

Moreover, investors looking to jump on the hype train can acquire MEDA tokens in its Stage 2 presale, where the token is currently trading at an altcoin price of $0.0125 each. As the project gears up for its Uniswap launch scheduled on May 21, with an anticipated starting price of $0.020, there is the enticing promise of a 60% return on investment.


Based on the projections of analysts and the underlying momentum supporting Litecoin, Solana, and Milei Moneda, these cryptocurrencies seem well positioned to deliver double-digit gains in the short term. Investors still seeking opportunities to recover losses from the recent downturn may want to consider these three coins.

To learn more, visit the Milei Moneda website or reach out on Telegram.

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