PULS Vario’s Dynamic Work Environment by Evolution Design

Evolution Design showcases Viennese Design for research and development client PULS Vario‘s expanded offices.

Designed specifically to stimulate innovative thinking, the expanded offices of PULS Vario are a showcase of a bold use of colors in workplace design.

The Vienna-based research and development company specializes in tailor-made power supply solutions and product development. In direct response to the client’s requirement to establish a dynamic and versatile work environment that would stimulate innovation, increase creativity, and improve productivity for the team of 60 engineers, Evolution Design crafted a design concept that employs a striking color palette.

1 PULS Vario Reception Andreas Buchberger

The interior concept follows four stages of the innovation process directly reflected in the physical space: dialogue, create, share, and retreat, creating a highly functional workplace bathed in natural light and rich hues that fully supports employee choice.

Two spiral staircases, seamlessly connecting two floors, facilitate easy access between the different workshop zones, high-tech labs, prototyping areas, a broadcast studio, individual workspaces, and a magnetic hub for exchange and interaction designed in a genuine Viennese café style.

Thanks to a blend of soft textures, natural materials, ambient lighting, and comfortable furniture, this work environment feels more like home than a traditional office, while also incorporating innovative working methods and technology to achieve a truly hybrid workspace.

3 PULS Vario Coffee Hub Andreas Buchberger

Project Planning

Just as in the project’s initial phase back in 2018, both the company’s leadership and the entire team of engineers and developers were intricately involved in the planning and execution of the project. Evolution Design places significant emphasis on fostering close collaboration with clients. In this case, the project thrived thanks to the strong partnership that was established between the design team and the entire PULS Vario team. By engaging engineers and developers and fostering open communication channels, the architects seamlessly aligned the interior concept with PULS’s objectives, culminating in a successful implementation.

Among the notable achievements was the integration of Austrian and Viennese cultural references into the interior design.

This was accomplished through a vibrant color scheme in the meeting rooms, drawing inspiration from the region’s distinctive features. For example, deep blues and subtle grays reminiscent of alpine flowers such as gentian and edelweiss were employed to evoke the tranquil ambiance of mountain landscapes. Meanwhile, the choice of poppy red was inspired by the vibrant poppy blossoms adorning fields outside Vienna. Furthermore, the crawling vines adorning the pergola in the focus work area pay homage to Austria’s rich winemaking tradition.

6 PULS Vario Coffee Hub Peter Wuermli

Project Details

The health and wellness dimensions of this project are fundamental components woven into the overarching design philosophy, aligned with the previously mentioned four stages of the innovation process: retreat, dialogue, create, and share. For instance, through the establishment of retreat areas such as dedicated spaces for focused work, employees are provided with opportunities for reflection, time for individual research and deep thinking, and concentrated work without interruptions – an intentional response to the understanding that chronic stress can lead to illness. Creating customized spaces for different activities, like breakout areas, casual meeting spots, formal meeting rooms, AV booths, and brainstorming areas, is crucial in empowering people to perform optimally in their roles.

Another standout feature of the project is the integration of branding within the interiors. Consistent with the design direction set in 2018, the interiors showcase personalized wall graphics showcasing the client’s flagship power supply products.

7 PULS Vario Focus Wokspace Peter Wuermli

Key Products 


Arco Ease, chair
Arco Sketch work middle, chair
Bene Timba, stool
Cascando Trunk, space divider / whiteboard
Four Design Four Real Flake, table
Four Design FourSure 77, stackable chair
Freifrau Ona, chair / bar stool
Johanson Design Stroll 65 with wheels, stool
Johanson Design Pelikan 03
Johanson Design Peak 72, table
Pedrali Blume, chair
Pedrali Inox 4402, table (laminate with satin brass edge)
Pedrali Modus MDL, modular sofa
Sancal Tea, high chair
Sedus Turn around, high chair
Wilkhahn Timetable, foldable conference table

8 PULS Vario JoineryWater Station Andreas Buchberger


BuzziSpace BuzziPleat + Trio Globe Light, pendant light
BuzziSpace BuzziDome, pendant light
Flos IC Lights S1 Messing, pendant & wall lights
Karboxx /Quadrifoglio Group Triangle / Lightsound, pendant light
Lodes A-Tube Nano, pendant lights
LZF Cuad, pendant light
LZF Cosmos, standing light
Prolicht Glorious, pendant light
Secto Design Owalo 7000, pendant light
Toscot Novecento Aste, pendant lights (light bulbs)


Camira Blazer (Cuz1N), curtain
Object Carpet Poodle 1421, deep pile carpet

18 PULS Vario Focus Workspace Andreas Buchberger

Room in Room

Cap Solutions Mike XL, AV Pod

Floor Finishes

Aparici Stracciatella, porcelain stoneware tiles
Interface Touch & Tones 103, carpet
Weitzer Parkett WP Quadra, parquett

Wall Finishes

Tarimatec Aris Cadence, wall panels
Aistec Ecopanel Origami, acoustic wall panels
Impact Acoustic Fon, wall panels

10 PULS Vario Meeting Area Andreas Buchberger

Overall Project Results

Overall, PULS Vario offices serve as an inspiring and nurturing work environment, dedicated to fostering an innovative mindset, building informal team spirit, and promoting the growth of this innovation-driven engineering company.

13 PULS Vario Meeting Room Poppy Meadows Andreas Buchberger


Leo Schulmeister, joinery

Schreinerei Ganslmeier, joinery

Trowal, metal work 

Bürofreunde, furniture supplier

Lichtprojekt, lighting consultant and supplier

Lindner Group, partitions

12 PULS Vario Meeting Room Gentian Andreas Buchberger

Design Team

Claudia Berkefeld, Katarzyna Kosciuk, Natalia Maciejowska, Dariusz Florczak, Balazs Götz


Andreas Buchberger ©Evolution Design

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