PwC strikes OpenAI deal to become the first reseller of ChatGPT Enterprise

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Companies no longer need to buy a ChatGPT Enterprise license directly from OpenAI. They can now purchase the gen AI service through the multinational professional service consultancy PwC. Until today, businesses could only subscribe to the enterprise option by reaching out to an OpenAI salesperson. Now, there’s another way, but it also allows PwC to upsell its services to those who want to use ChatGPT to optimize their workloads.

This is part of a partnership PwC signed with OpenAI this week. It is part of its long-term AI investment to expand its technology ecosystem, integrate gen AI deeper into its platform, and help businesses use AI to produce results faster.

Organizations sign up for ChatGPT Enterprise for different reasons. They’re either genuinely curious about the technology or have an idea they want to execute on using AI. But it’s likely there are those who want to use ChatGPT but have no idea how to get started. PwC is likely banking on these clients. The firm can sit down with business leaders to map out their plan of attack, ideating the application or service to create, a roadmap for development, and ways to ensure that AI is used effectively.

Count PwC as one of those organizations using ChatGPT Enterprise. The firm reveals its teams in the U.S. and the United Kingdom will be subscribers to the plan. It claims that this makes it the largest user of the product. Worldwide, PwC has more than 267,000 employees, and it’s feasible a majority are based in the U.S. and UK so that’s a substantial number of users from a single company. PwC says it’s already using custom GPTs to help review tax returns, generate proposal responses, assist with software development, monitor dashboards, compose reports and more.

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“We have entered the ‘prove it’ phase where we are actively demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of gen AI,” PwC writes in a release. “We are taking a holistic approach and leveraging our deep industry experience to help transform our clients with AI, linking sources of value to common AI patterns to drive increased impact. This approach enables our clients to achieve faster outcomes with greater productivity, consistency, and efficiency. “

ChatGPT Enterprise launched in August 2023 and is tailored toward large business users. It’s part of a growing list of AI models and tools for the enterprise, such as Cohere’s LLM options, Anthropic’s Scale AI partnership, Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service, Amazon Bedrock, and more. Unlike its consumer counterpart, ChatGPT Enterprise provides “enterprise-grade security,” unlimited access to GPT-4, extended context windows, advanced data analysis capabilities and customization options.

PwC isn’t the only consulting firm diving into AI, either. Rival Accenture announced a partnership with Cohere in March to bring its language models and search capabilities to the enterprise.

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