Ripple, Cardano traders excited by Fezoo’s potential, eyes presale

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Ripple and Cardano traders are captivated by Fezoo’s promising prospects, turning their focus to its presale amidst a tumultuous crypto market week.

The past week reminded investors and traders of the volatility of the crypto market. After Bitcoin (BTC) fell from $70,000, it is estimated that long positions amounting to more than $809 million were liquidated in the past week amid a big market correction. This correction saw Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA) holders investing in Fezoo (FEZ) in anticipation of huge gains.

Ripple gets a new timeline for its case against the SEC

In the protracted legal battle between Ripple and the SEC, Judge Analisa Torres has given an important ruling that endorses a revised timetable and redaction guidelines for specific documents. This ruling permits Ripple and the SEC to shield certain sensitive details, including financial statements and Ripple sales figures from public scrutiny. 

Following years of courtroom clashes, both parties have at last reached a consensus on the schedule for filing briefs. Ripple scored a partial but landmark victory against the SEC in July 2023. The victory was followed by a rally but Ripple quickly retracted its gains. Following this latest development, several Ripple investors are investing in Fezoo as they anticipate 50x gains.

Cardano loses 9.60% in a week

The recent market correction claimed many heads including Cardano. Cardano is down 9.60% on the weekly chart after its price fell from $0.75 on March 15 to $0.6372 on March 22. Analysts maintain that Cardano despite the recent market correction, remains a top cryptocurrency. On the other hand, some analysts are skeptical that Cardano could perform well in the current bull market.

For instance, Cardano (ADA) is nearly 80% down from its all-time high of $3.10 reached in September 2021. This has pushed some Cardano (ADA) holders to seek refuge in Fezoo (FEZ) as there is a higher chance of substantial gains.

Fezoo holders expect massive returns

It is a well-known fact that big gains come from investing early in new but solid projects such as Fezoo. Investor optimism for Fezoo is on the rise as the decentralized exchange platform gains traction. This is because Fezoo offers interesting features such as instant deposits, withdrawals, and lower fees compared to traditional exchanges. 

The ongoing presale with Fezoo tokens priced attractively at $0.013, has captured the attention of both seasoned traders and newcomers to the crypto space. Fezoo holders are eyeing the potential for substantial returns amid speculation and anticipation surrounding the project’s prospects.

Analysts claim that Fezoo is a future blue chip cryptocurrency and has the potential to earn 50x for its holders.

To learn more about the Fezoo presale, visit the website.

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