Ripple fans eye DeeStream as it rises in the streaming space

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DeeStream is gaining traction among Ripple supporters as a new blockchain-based streaming platform, promising to redefine streaming with fairness and user empowerment at its core.

People who support Ripple are keeping a close eye on DeeStream, a new streaming platform built on blockchain. They see DeeStream as a leading contender in the way we watch videos online, not just because of its features, but because it uses blockchain technology to give creators a fair deal and keep viewers engaged.

As the presale keeps growing, it’s becoming a symbol of what many crypto fans want: a platform that’s innovative, transparent, and puts users in control.

Ripple investors look for an alternative

Ripple was once a shining star, aiming to revolutionize cross-border payments with its swift, secure, and cost-effective transactions. However, a legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission has cast a long shadow. The SEC alleges Ripple is a security, hindering Ripple’s adoption by financial institutions wary of entangled technologies. Until this dispute is settled, the platform’s flight for mainstream use remains grounded.

Ripple is currently trading around $0.59, a significant drop from its all-time high of nearly $3.84 in early 2018. While the price has fluctuated, Ripple’s technology is what sets it apart. It’s designed to make international payments faster and cheaper, which is a big deal for companies looking to move money around the world.

This is why Ripple fans are excited about its potential in the streaming world, especially for platforms like DeeStream. Ripple’s technology could help the presale simplify and improve how users handle payments, donations, and subscriptions. Imagine sending money to streamers across the globe with just a few clicks. That’s the kind of seamless experience DeeStream is set to bring once it launches.

DeeStream capitalizes on Ripple’s efficiency

DeeStream’s commitment to minimizing transaction fees directly benefits the platform’s creators and users, ensuring that more of the value generated within the ecosystem remains with those who contribute to its vibrancy and growth, thereby encouraging sustained creative output and engagement.

By integrating Ripple’s efficient payment solutions, DeeStream not only aims to reduce the friction involved in microtransactions within the streaming ecosystem but also to ensure that creators are compensated fairly and promptly. This move has garnered significant interest from the Ripple community, who are keen to see the technology applied in innovative new ways beyond traditional banking and financial services.

DeeStream offers a personalized and transparent streaming platform. The stage two presale offers entry for $0.055. Experts predict a potential upswing of 18x by November, making DeeStream a project focused on user choice and long-term value for viewers.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website.

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