Ripple’s CLO optimistic about SEC case, CryptoJack predicts Solana high, new memecoin shakes the crypto world

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Ripple’s CLO expresses confidence about the outcome of the SEC case; CryptoJack expects Solana to reach a new peak, while KangaMoon raises excitement in the crypto community.

Although the legal battle between the US SEC and Ripple has been ongoing for over two years, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer sees Ripple coming out victorious. Meanwhile, a top crypto analyst called CryptoJack has told his followers in a recent tweet to get ready as Solana could rise to a new all-time high of $360 in 2024. 

In other news, a new memecoin is causing traction in the crypto community. This new memecoin, KangaMoon (KANG), is still in the presale stage and has already reached different milestones. 

KangaMoon poised to shake the crypto space 

The KangaMoon project is creating excitement among crypto traders and meme lovers. Over 22,000 members have joined the KangaMoon project, which offers a unique blend of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming and social interaction. This surge in interest shows the growing confidence in KangaMoon. 

By introducing a P2E game where users can play games and earn rewards, the adoption of its native token, KANG, is expected to increase as more users join the platform. KANG is the main in-game currency that players can utilize to purchase gaming items and NFTs, thus making it a potential memecoin to invest in.

In addition, the KangaMoon project is dedicated to the community and rewards loyal users with free KANG tokens before the official launch. They are also rewarded for engaging in KangaMoon’s social media posts. The community-based concept of this KangaMoon is a pioneer in the crypto space.

Priced at just $0.025 in Stage 5 of its presale, those who bought the KANG tokens have already recorded 400% ROI. Yet analysts say more gains are coming, and have forecasted that the price of KANG will reach $0.1.

Ripple CLO optimistic about winning SEC battle

Stuart Alderoty, Ripple’s CLO, has expressed optimism about Ripple (XRP) drawing closer to the end of its legal tussle with the US SEC. Winning the lawsuit by Ripple could cause the price of XRP to end its current bearish streak and potentially establish it as one of the leading altcoins to consider investing in over the next few weeks.

The Ripple coin is trading under $0.550, falling from a yearly high of $0.7300. The lawsuit could swing the tide in favor of the altcoin. Analysts have predicted a Ripple win could push the price of XRP to the $0.800 price region.

Solana forecasted to set new peak of $360

In a recent tweet, crypto expert CryptoJack pointed out that Solana (SOL) has been shaping a “rounding bottom” pattern over the past few weeks, hinting at an imminent surge. The analyst projects that Solana could break its previous all-time high of $260 with ease this year, with an approximate peak of $360. 

This type of bullish prediction places Solana among the altcoins to watch in the market. The price of Solana has been within the range of $120 and $180 during the last month. Traders believe that Solana might pick up an uptrend if it can break through the $200 price region in the next few weeks.


Ripple winning its year-long battle with the US SEC will be good news for the XRP coin, which has suffered losses due to the prolonged lawsuit. While Solana’s value has been predicted to reach $360, KangaMoon could pump to $0.1. This bullish project makes Solana and KangaMoon as one of the promising altcoins in the crypto market.For more information about KangaMoon, visit the official website or join the Telegram community.

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