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SOL, BNB holders eye price rebound while Milei Moneda presale shines

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As Bitcoin boosts top altcoins, SOL and BNB users anticipate price rebounds, while Milei Moneda’s presale and upcoming defi projects shine brightly.

Finally, the altcoin rush might take hold after Bitcoin has given the top altcoins some boost these past few days. Seemingly overnight, SOL and BNB users can hope for an altcoin price rebound soon, as Solana (SOL) and Binance Coin (BNB) are some ways up on trading charts.

However, the projected returns for Milei Moneda (MEDA) this year are notably promising, given its involvement in several significant defi projects in the crypto space.

Solana records another spike in its altcoin price

Solana’s main selling point before its meme coins came along was the speed and low gas fees on the SOL network. Users trooped to Solana for safe, fast, and cheap transactions, and the ecosystem never failed.

Throw in Solana’s defi involvements, from exchanges to dApps, and you might figure out why SOL is named among the top 10 altcoins in the market. In the past week, transactions on Solana have exceeded those of any other L1 and L2 network.

A bull run was already on the way for SOL, and the boost from Bitcoin was simply a catalyst. SOL is already 5% up from its support, and bulls are chasing a 10% rise in the next few days.

Binance Coin on a run as Dubai license expands operations

The full regulatory license from Dubai seems to have given Binance Coin the needed nudge for a run following Bitcoin’s halving. Already, Binance has come under fire from several regulatory bodies in the past six months, a development that has affected BNB and its value in the market.

However, the licensing from Dubai is only a tailwind development in the recent Binance Coin spike. The main credit is to the Bitcoin spike, which put BNB and some of the best altcoins in prime spots for spikes. Solana and Avalanche joined Binance Coin as top gainers for the week, and BNB looks to build on that soon.

The future is not very clear, but if the market metrics for BNB all fall in place, we could have a 20% pump from Binance Coin.

A future for MEDA and a standard for the meme sector

Milei Moneda has been the lone beam in the dark for meme coins these past few weeks, as they all went silent after Bitcoin’s massive pullback. The reactionary nature of meme coins often makes them poor investment choices, but MEDA is here to change that.

With Milei Moneda, users can obtain continued profits in the long term. Apparently, Milei Moneda won’t be going the meme coin path as others have. MEDA’s ecosystem is going to host top defi projects to compete with even the best defi coins.

Investors considering long-term positions or short-term engagement with MEDA will find that Milei Moneda offers opportunities for both. The journey begins with the presale, accommodating both short and long-term investment strategies.

MEDA has shown its affinity for growth, as it has spiked by 25% from its opening price. The presale is now in Stage 2, and Milei Moneda coins sell for $0.0125 each, with a potential for 60% returns by May 21, 2024.

To learn more, visit the Milei Moneda website or reach out on Telegram.

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