Solana and Filecoin investors eye Milei Moneda amid market shifts

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Experts predict a downturn for Solana and Filecoin prices by late May, while Milei Moneda’s presale draws investors seeking significant returns.

With the recent market challenges Solana (SOL) and Filecoin (FIL) faced, their respective communities are increasingly looking elsewhere for profit opportunities. Meanwhile, Milei Moneda’s (MEDA) presale is drawing significant interest from holders of these tokens, as the prospect of multiplying their investments upon MEDA’s listing seems more lucrative.

Solana’s growth stalls as challenges mount

Solana has been one of the altcoins hardest hit by the recent market correction. Solana’s price has fallen significantly after surpassing the $200 mark in March. While its over 40% year-to-date gain reflects its long-term potential, short-term prospects appear bearish. 

Several issues within Solana’s ecosystem have contributed to this. The network experienced congestion problems, and conflict recently arose on social media between the founders of two Solana-based projects. This resulted in Solana falling out of the top 5 cryptocurrencies by daily trading volume.

Considering prevailing bearish market conditions, many crypto analysts foresee a further decline in Solana’s value. Their projections suggest the price of Solana could drop to $134.89 by May 28.

Investor confidence wanes as FIL’s price keeps falling 

While Filecoin has experienced a modest pump in the first few months of the year, its price has since declined over 15% in the past month amid the broader market downturn. In fact, Filecoin’s value has dropped further in the last week, falling more than 8%, while its daily trading volume has also reduced over 20%.

This recent downturn occurred despite Filecoin announcing the completion of its nv22 Dragon network upgrade and new strategic partnerships with AxelarNetwork and Ipcdevs to boost ecosystem performance. 

Additionally, market analysts believe Filecoin may continue its slide if broader market volatility persists. They forecast that Filecoin’s price could drop to $4.67 by May 27 if the negative momentum carries on. 

Milei Moneda generates excitement 

As Solana and Filecoin have recently declined in prices, many token holders are turning their attention to a new memecoin, Milei Moneda, enticed by the promising gains available in its ongoing presale. With over 68 million MEDA tokens sold so far, Milei Moneda is rapidly gaining recognition.

The anticipation surrounding its imminent launch on Uniswap, scheduled for May 21, 2024, is generating widespread excitement. In Stage 3, investors have the chance to buy MEDA at $0.015. This initial investment lays the foundation for good returns, as the projected launch price of $0.020 represents a 33% increase from its current price. 

Furthermore, engagement within the Milei Moneda community is fostered through the vested voting rights granted to MEDA holders. These voting rights empower token holders to actively influence decisions and participate in activities contributing to the platform’s growth. 

However, that’s not all they also gain access to the coolest NFTs, massive discounts, and monthly giveaways. 


Given the decline in the prices of SOL and FIL, many token holders are seeking an alternative cryptocurrency with solid upside potential. The tempting profit prospects of Milei Moneda’s presale have enticed many SOL and FIL investors to diversify their portfolios, hoping to benefit from its early-stage gains.

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