Telegram-based play-to-earn Notcoin airdrop storms social media

Developers of the Notcoin gaming project have airdropped over 80 billion NOT tokens, with 90% of the tokens distributed among “miners.”

Notcoin, a play-to-earn clicker gaming application on Telegram, has debuted its airdrop, distributing more than 80.2 billion NOT tokens among the community members on The Open Network blockchain. As per a press release shared with, Notcoin has allocated over 90% of the airdropped tokens to “miners,” with the remaining 7.9 billion NOT tokens now redeemable from non-fungible token (NFT) vouchers.

The airdrop comes ahead of NOT’s listing on multiple centralized exchanges such as Binance, OKX, and Bybit. Eligible users can claim their tokens in the Notcoin app, with on-chain withdrawal available alongside the token’s listing, the press release reads.

The Notcoin team asserts it has grown a 35 million community “without spending a penny on marketing,” attributing the game’s growth to “curiosity and FOMO, combined with the viral communication power of Telegram.”

“More than just the fastest-growing, most popular game in blockchain history, Notcoin has now become a cultural phenomenon creating one of the largest, most engaged communities in Web3.”

Ryan Dennis, brand director at TON Foundation

Commenting on the launch, Sasha Plotvinov, founder of Open Builders, a community of blockchain developers focusing on The Open Network, said the ecosystem prioritized “transparency and a fair distribution process that provides a realistic vision of what the true mass adoption of crypto looks like.”

Launched in late 2023, Notcoin is a clicker game based on The Open Network blockchain where users can “mine” NOT tokens by tapping their screens while running the Notcoin mini application in Telegram on mobile devices. Once the game gained momentum, the Notcoin team converted in-game balances on a 1000:1 ratio, with every one thousand in-game Notcoin converting to one NOT token.

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