This hilarious ‘Mike Wazowski’ prank probably works on every dad

Have you heard of that Mike Wazowski guy? And his best friend Sully? Their names sound so familiar, but I just can’t place them…

Mike Wazowski and Sully are the two partners and main characters in Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.,” of course. But in a new TikTok trend, millennials are using those vaguely Gen-X sounding names to prank their older dads by asking if they remember those guys, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

In one video, a dad from Staten Island is sure he remembers Sully, but is having a harder time conjuring up memories of Mike Wazowski.

@allieggarcia This man thinks he knows everyone from staten island… #fyp #fypシ #newyorker ♬ original sound – Allie Garcia

“Mike Wazowski? He sounds familiar,” he says, looking confused. “He was probably in my home room.”

At that point, his wife and daughter can no longer contain themselves and burst out laughing off screen. But Dad still doesn’t get that he’s being punk’d, so the video continues the next morning, with him sitting at the kitchen table, saying to himself, “Mike Wazowski,” and looking pensive as he eats his breakfast.

He continues, “I know Sully. I know a few Sullys — Brian Sullivan, Pat Sullivan. Hmm. Wakowski?”

In another video, a daughter mentions that someone she knows ran into Mike Wazowski and asks her dad if he knows him. Her dad, bless his heart, immediately confirms. 

@moomoothebully He thinks he knows everyone from The Bronx…. #fyp #fypシ #thebronx #newyork #newyorker ♬ original sound – Mr. MooMoo Oliver

“Yeah, I know him,” he says without hesitating for a moment. When asked about Sully, he asks, “John Sullivan?” Then, still very sure of himself, says, “Yeah. Sully.”

Later in the video, he asks if the “Sully” in question might be Dennis Sullivan, but his daughter says no, she asked about Dennis specifically. 

“He just kept on saying, ‘Tell him Mike Wazowski from baseball and my best friend Sully,’” she says, and for the first time, her dad looks a little unsure of himself. But he doesn’t change his story. He still does seem to genuinely believe he knows Mike Wazowski, and to be honest, maybe he does.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a prank to try on our dads, ASAP.

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