This mom’s hack for getting a bead out of her toddler’s nose will make you stop scrolling

We all know that moment of terror in the pit of your stomach when your toddler does one of those classically dumb things all kids do, like, say, sticking a small object into one of their orifices. Since the beginning of time, children have been shoving small rocks, coins, toys, beads, etc. into their mouths, ears, noses, etc. If you told me this is why emergency rooms were invented, I would fully believe you. But in a TikTok video that will make you hold your breath and then laugh in utter relief, a mom has an amazing hack for avoiding the urgent care bill when her kid pulls that move we all know so, so well.

“When daycare calls you at work to say your 3-year-old stuck a bead up his nose,” mom Sammi Leigh wrote on TikTok, where her video has gone viral.

In the video, she has her three-year-old son, the perpetrator of the bead-up-the-nose trick, seated in front of her.

“Ready?” she asks him. “Momma’s gonna give you a big kiss, OK?”

He gives the OK, and then she gives him a big kiss on the lips as a test run. Then, once he knows the drill, she plugs the non-blocked nostril and blows into his mouth as she gives him kisses. It only takes two of these “big kisses” for the bead to make an appearance at the front of his nose, and then, as he wiggles around excitedly, it falls out, all on its own. Onlookers behind the camera cheer in amazement.

“Whelp, back to work I go!,” Sammi wrote in the caption.

In the comments, people were amazed by this hack.

“Something tells me he’s done this before,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Just saved $1000,” which is so true.

Another shared this hilariously relatable story: “Took my son straight from preschool to the ENT with a bead in his nose …. He sneezed it out in the waiting room it went bouncing across the floor.”

It do be like that sometimes, as the kids say.

Now, to be clear, we’re not saying you shouldn’t take your kids to the doctor when they shove small objects into their face holes. Definitely seek medical attention if your child does this. But also, if you want to file this hack away in the “just in case” section of your brain, we’re not going to stop you.

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