Tom Brady's gift for getting roasted on Netflix? Another ring. It's worth $40,000

Tom Brady probably thought it was all over.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion had just voluntarily endured close to three hours of cruel and unusual punishment as part of Netflix’s “The Roast of Tom Brady” on Sunday night at the Kia Forum. He had dished out some zingers of his own during a 14-minute set to close the evening, and the applause and hugs to indicate the show’s end had begun.

But then host Kevin Hart spoke again from the podium: “Now, Tom, one second. Before we end the night in amazing cheers, one second.”

Uh oh. What could Hart possibly have left to say about Brady at that point?

Turns out, Hart didn’t have any more jokes.

“Tom has to leave with something impactful to match the energy of success that he’s had along the years,” Hart said while pulling out a small-ish box from under the podium.

Well, that’s a nice gesture.

But can you possibly get for a man who already has seven championship rings?

An eighth one, duh.

“So, Tom, what we decided to do was add another ring,” Hart said while pulling some major bling out of the box. “A ring fitting for a GOAT like yourself.”

He was right about that. The ring was made by Jason of Beverly Hills and is valued at $40,000, the jewelers told The Times in an email Wednesday. It contains just under 400 diamonds, rubies and sapphires and is set in yellow gold, with a total weight of approximately 6 carats.

The top features the image of a football leaving a trail of flames, with “BRADY” written above it and “G.R.O.A.T.” (short for Greatest Roast of All Time) below it. One side displays Brady’s last name again, along with “12” (his jersey number) and “LFG” (short for one of Brady’s favorite sayings). The other side features “2024” and the image of a goat.

“I’m honored to have made Tom Brady’s last two championship rings. First with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now for the ‘GROAT’ special,” Jason Arashaben, chief executive of Jason of Beverly Hills, said in a statement.

Brady seemed to appreciate the gesture. He was all smiles as slipped the ring on his right pinky finger and held it up for the crowd to see.

“Oh, I love that,” he said.

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