TON surges amid uncertainty, GFOX P2E game set to launch this week

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TON sees robust gains with Notcoin token launch, while GFOX prepares for debut amid mixed altcoin market sentiment and the upcoming Galaxy Fox game promising memecoin utility.

Toncoin is one of the few projects showing an upsurge amidst ongoing market uncertainty. This development comes with the launch of the Notcoin game and token on the platform. 

Bitcoin and most major altcoins are experiencing a reset after the rallies in the first quarter of 2024. Finding the best crypto to invest in during a market downturn is dicey. New entrants with upside potential like GFOX offer a lucrative alternative.

Galaxy Fox (GFOX) is approaching its imminent launch and is already on its way to becoming a leading memecoin. The project raised over $6 million in the presale and is launching its much-hyped P2E game in the next few days. Memecoin enthusiasts are excited about this project for what it has to offer.

Toncoin outperforms the market

Toncoin (TON) had an impressive outing last week after the launch of the network’s Notcoin token and rumored backing from Elon Musk. Reports now show that the tech billionaire is no longer a “fan” of Telegram competitor, Signal. 

Consequently, TON surged close to the $7 mark, showing investor optimism in the project. The coin vastly outperformed the market with a 20% increase over the past week, which saw the vast majority of other cryptos fall by double-digits. 

The Open Network is getting a new lease of life after its rebrand from Telegram Open Network. In 2020, the SEC sued Telegram Open Network for alleged Securities Laws violations, forcing the project to return funds from its billion-dollar ICO. 

The rebrand appears to be going well, as the Layer-1 blockchain is now among the biggest movers. The project will continue to build on these gains and encourage more developers to create decentralized applications on the platform.

GFOX also defies market downturn

Galaxy Fox is an exciting play-to-earn (P2E) gaming meme coin platform that launches in a week. This project disrupts the memecoin concept popularized by Dogecoin by injecting utility into this space. It is no longer enough for a meme coin just to ride on the popularity of the meme concept. 

With Galaxy Fox, users nurture digital fox characters in the game and engage in exciting battles to earn various rewards within the game. Besides, users can stake their tokens and earn more passive income through staking rewards. 

The platform has NFT collectibles that create value for in-game items. Users can collect, stake, and even trade these items, and derive real value from their holdings. This arrangement elevates the gaming experience for users.

The platform launched at $0.04 last month but supporters anticipate it will surge in the upcoming bull market, possibly reaching the coveted $1 level. GFOX is available on Uniswap, and is broadly compatible with Ethereum wallets, meaning that trading and storage are relatively straightforward. 

The Galaxy Fox team is also working overtime to ensure smooth sailing when the game launches. Investors are looking at this project and projecting potential gains from its post-game launch roadmap. For Info about GFOX, visit


TON and GFOX are gaining interest for similar, yet unrelated reasons. The former is a project getting a new lease of life after a false start. Galaxy Fox is teeming with potential because of its unique approach. The Galaxy Fox community has shown tremendous hype for the opportunities and potential returns. This week ends on a high note as the project launch date arrives, bringing the project’s vision to final fruition.

To learn more about GFOX, visit the Galaxy Fox presale or join the community.

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