Tradecurve Markets rallies, Uniswap and Cosmos investors seek refuge

Tradecurve Markets is showing strong and steady growth in the ongoing presale, drawing the interest of Uniswap (UNI) and Cosmos (ATOM) investors.

Tradecurve Markets presale and price forecasts

The project has sold over 100 million tokens in stage four of the presale. In stage 5, Tradecurve Markets has sold more than 35 million TCRV as momentum picks up.

Tradecurve Markets is building an inclusive trading platform where everyone can trade diverse instruments, including cryptocurrencies, equities, forex, and commodities. 

New users can register using a working email address before depositing coins.

The trading platform has several tools, including incorporating AI-powered trading bots and copy trading mechanisms.

In stage 5 of the presale, TCRV is available for $0.025, and early adopters have a 30% deposit bonus.

Analysts are bullish on TCRV, banking on adoption as a critical factor. 

Uniswap falling

Uniswap’s price initially rallied after listing on multiple exchanges, including Binance, before falling to spot rates. 

While Uniswap is useful, traders often face high gas fees when using the platform, leading to calls for improved scalability. 

Considering the sharp drop in UNI prices over the months, some investors are exploring alternatives, including TCRV, the native token of Tradecurve Markets.

Cosmos investors considering TCRV

Cosmos, also known as the “Internet of Blockchains,” aims to facilitate communication and compatibility between different blockchains, allowing users to transfer assets smoothly. 

Despite its promising goals, Cosmos has faced challenges. ATOM, its native token, is trading at $7.26, an 83% drop from the 2021 peak. 

While there was a brief rally in early 2023, ATOM is bearish and may track even lower in sessions ahead. 

For this reason, investors are seeking alternatives and exploring TCRV as a possible hedge.

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