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Wendy Williams is grateful for the support she receives from her fans and says that she’s ready to fall in love with people after a health scare

Wendy Williams said she was looking to “fall in Love” one month after she departed from a health club. Williams talked about her desire to reenter the dating scene during an interview with WBLS 107.5 Circle of Sisters, New York City. Williams, who had been married for 20 years to Kevin Hunter, divorced after having a child with a mistress.58-year-old swore that she would prefer to be with a man who has children than remarry soon.”I want him already to have children. She said that she wanted him to be around her age. “Then we can do things together, such as fly from New York City all at once, or fly to France for food, or whatever, from just two days.

“Williams was also moved by the praise from a fan during the event. Williams continues her recovery to get back to daytime TV.

Williams stated, “I have tears that are not only filled with laughter but also genuine [tears],” “Just want to thank everyone for being here today.”

Williams announced in September that she would take a break from the “Wendy Williams Show”, a hugely popular show, to concentrate on her health.

Her publicist stated that Wendy Williams was “happy to report she is now home and well after spending August in a wellness center.” “Wendy is excited about the future and looks forward to releasing many of her projects,” she said.

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